09 March 2007

Sienna's loveliness parade has a hiccup

After what was an entirely too long hiatus from the public eye, Sienna is finally back and looking F-I-N-E in a I-couldn't-pull-it-off-but-it-looks-good-on-her ensemble at the launch of the new Calvin Klein fragrance in New York City last night.

The gold lamé slip dress over black leggings with black almond-toed Louboutians is an effortless look, and by effortless I mean she's wearing pretty much the three most easily identifiable trends of 2006 all in the same outfit: metallics, leggings and platform heels.

Were it someone like Eva Longoria, Rebecca Romijn or Carmen Electra donning this outfit, I'd be more lenient, but the truth is, this is a lazy downgrade from the nothing short of triumphant wardrobe choices Ms. Miller showed off during her whirlwind of Factory Girl premieres. There's no doubt about it, all of these components flatter her perfect chest, glowing skin and just-short-of-too-thin frame, but nothing about any of them makes this a true Sienna look. I could just as easily picture bottled-style girls like Haylie Duff or Michelle Trachtenberg putting this together.

Next time, Sienna, try and put as much or more effort into your clothes as you do your exquisite eye makeup.


Anonymous said...

I like the look, but I see your point. Very insightful!

jessica said...

hands-down, the best eye makeup in the biz. she's single-handedly convinced me mixing blonde hair and black eyeliner doesn't have to look trashy. thanks for posting so many of her looks!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Jessica, she makes the kohly cat-eye look acceptable on our fair kind. Hooray!