09 March 2007

Corpse-like is the new sexy

Kate Bosworth's lifeless, size -4 frame can be found propped up on the cover of this month's V magazine.

Like its assured financial future, V also seems to be morally bankrupt.

How else would you describe a publication that prints the words "biggest" and "sexy" next to a woman who on her best day is as big and sexy as one of those meth-addicts on Intervention who's so busy cooking crank in the kitchen she eats nothing but the occasional Flintstones vitamin or behind-the-bottle-of-ether Totino's Pizza Roll?

What really gets my goat, though, is how they printed the poor girl's weight in the lower left-hand corner.

For shame, V magazine, for shame.


bff in chicago said...

this made me laugh out loud. I love that you're passionate about high fashion and shows on drug addiction. too funny.

Kate Bosworth needs to be strapped to a soft-serve machine and forced to watch "Blue Crush" over and over and over again. How hot was she in that? Such a shame.

dc girl said...

that's not a woman, that's a 14 year-old boy who hasn't hit puberty yet.