13 January 2007

Girl's on a roll

Hate the shoes, confused by the hair, rolling my eyes at the necklace, "eh" about the bag and earrings, but I love love LOVE this black, empire-waisted, scoop-neck short-sleeve dress Sienna wore to one of her many "Factory Girl" premieres. I think why I like it so much is that the unique texturing at the shoulders reminds me very much of my favorite red carpet look from last year.

The black, backless, poof-sleeve David Szeto dress Audrey Tautou wore to the 2006 Cannes Film Festival is the dress that will forever serve as my muse when I go vintage shopping.

What's so great about these dresses, in addition to how innovative the cuts and texturing are, is their versatility. Both would hold their own for drinks at the Mayflower and at opening night of La Boehme at the Kennedy Center.

Unlike Sienna, Audrey took the route I much prefer, which is to show up and show off your most powerful assets -- style and skin -- without the complication of accessories.

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