07 January 2007

Best dress (so far) of 2007

What I love so much about the blousy minidress is that other than its length, it's as demure as demure can be. It's a crafty style to wear, because your female audience has two simultaneous first reactions -- one to the top and one to the bottom. They applaud you for keeping your chest and back quiet, but they also whisper about you for such an inappropriate display of leg.

Men, I've found, aren't quite so complicated.

Sienna indulged in this same trick of the mind at last night's opening of the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Choosing a silk square-neck plunge dress, she doesn't allow a peek of leg, back, or even shoulder. Instead, Ms. Miller covers it all up and then gloriously cashes it all in down front.

Way down front.

And we're grateful for the view.

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