09 March 2007

Thank goodness

Because Salma is in that small core of lovely women I just can't bring myself to criticize, I chose to ignore these highly unflattering photos that surfaced a few days ago of the normally hotter half of the va-va-voom-licious Latin duo that is Hayek-Cruz, Incorporated.

Now that the entire world has been let in on her pregnancy secret, however, I suppose it's okay to share these with the few of you who haven't already seen them. And by the way, not only is Salma knocked up with this French dude's baby, she's apparently planning on marrying him, too.

Oh, poor, poor Salma, hasn't anyone told her that even when a fresh baguette, a room-temperature square of Camembert, and a four-hour workday is at stake, a Frenchman just isn't capable of keeping his word long-term?

Since I'm not allowed to criticize a pregnant woman's appearance, here are two pictures of Salma looking...um, uh, purple, white and dumpy all over.

I tried.


bff in chicago said...


That can't be the lovely snake charmer from "Dusk 'til Dawn," can it?

I mean, pregnancy is really agreeing with her. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Brooke said...

not ONE comment about her hair??!!?? YIKES is all I have to say.

west coast devotee said...

Girl is going to have major back problems if those Tetons get any bigger...

brown bear '02 said...

there is no excuse for a woman under 5'5" to wear ankle strap shoes.

nyc admirer said...

Only you would mix Iraq War commentary with fashion critique. Of course, I vehemently disagree with whatever it is you're going to say in support of this - of *your* - President, but I love you too much to do it here in a public forum.

Plus, I'm afraid of what your acerbic tongue would come up with in response!