02 May 2007

5 best dresses of the Spring semester

Penelope Cruz in Oscar de la Renta (A)

Eva Mendes in Marchesa (A-)

Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga (A-)


knew you as hannie, too said...

I was glad to see a splash of something other than black in there, Han :)

Like Sienna, I know you've got a great pair of just about everything (boobs, legs, etc.), so you could pull off that first one, but I think for the other 99.999% of us, that dress would be a nightmare.

My favorite of these is Eva Mendes' dress. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

No Cate Blanchett?? I'm stunned!

Anonymous said...

They're all beautiful. Good choices!

denver fan said...

You have such elegant taste. I love them all.

Laura Stolen said...

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