15 February 2007


Not much more to say here about J. Lo in her it-doesn't-get-any-better-than-this LBD and Louboutian patent-leather slingbacks, other than I'm a fool for doubting her last week.

If I had more time today, I'd write something cute and sassy, but I don't, so all you get are these lovely pictures of the dress I'm planning on having my Mom sew me for my upcoming birthday.

You hear that, Mom? Oh, and tell Dad he can take care of the shoes.* I don't need the vintage Basso fur coat, but if you want to send that - and money for highlights and lowlights - in the care package, too, I won't object.

*Remember, I said it was perfectly fine to receive couture shoes on special holidays.


bff in chicago said...

that dress is so deliciously '50s! Didn't you send me a pic of you in something like that over Christmas? A vintage dress?

Johanna said...

Good memory! Unfortunately, I had to return that frock (zipper/chiffon nightmare), but I got a cuter one in its place. Large black eyelet material with a slim pencil skirt bottom and boatneck/cap-sleeves top.

Love it!

nyc admirer said...

Just please don't do that curly mess to your pretty half-Asian hair!

Anonymous said...

Monte doesn't like that you like fur :-(

AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...

You would look great in that dress.

Also, if you are looking for an excuse to bargain shop, Buenos Aires is lovely this time of year and everything is 1) on sale and 2) mas barrato given the strong dollar.

Miss you!

Johanna said...

Thank you, Miss Argentina.

That *is* the real reason you're down there, right? Not the "economic research," not the "helping those in the slums" -- it's for the pageantry, isn't it?

Either way, thanks for keeping up with my blog! It means a lot!

And you have NO idea how badly I want to fly down there to visit.

I'm workin' on it...

a fan said...

Having read your blog religiously since you launched it, I think I now know enough about your style to pick out a dress for you.

And no, that's not a proposal (I wish!), just a realization.