02 February 2007

Love the neckline, "eh" on the rest

I would show you the full photo of Eva at last night's Goldene Kamera awards in Berlin, but trust me, the best bits - accessories and otherwise - can all be seen from the waist up.

In addition to showcasing Ms. Mendes' ideal-for-a-strapless-dress chest, what I like most about this neckline is that it has a structured, high-fashion look while at the same time is reminiscent of the way a woman looks when she grabs all the sheets off a hotel bed and wraps them around herself to let in room service.

It is because of this unshakable image that I can't quite embrace her choice of Louboutian platform sandals, severe metallic cuff, big gold bracelets, exaggerated cocktail ring, and black leather, gold-studded clutch. These accessories emphasize too much the structured nature of the dress. True, her bare shoulders and subtle stud earrings support the bedroom side, but I would have gone clutch-free, worn a minimalist heel like this Glitter Karung Sandal by Jimmy Choo ($495 at bergdorfgoodman.com) and ditched one of the two bracelets. The ring can stay, because exaggerated cocktail rings, in my opinion, are always fabulous.

The smudgy, sultry eye works perfectly, because it captures the unlikeliness that a woman in this scenario would have taken the time to wash her eye makeup off the night before. Not that I would know, of course, but I imagine it wouldn't have been a priority.

I feel guilty for not showing the entire dress. Here you go, judge for yourself.


Anonymous said...

why are you more obsessed with Jessica than Eva? she's WAY hotter and her style is WAY more aligned with yours.

you should become infatuated with her. I like picturing that...

Johanna said...

I *am* infatuated with Eva. Have been since I saw her (all of her) in "Training Day."

With Jessica, it's purely a booty thing. I don't really care for her acting, her personality, or her style (she's SUCH a stylist-dressed actress), but girl works out like it's her full-time job, and has an ass to show for it. I like that determination.

And the end result.

But given a choice, I'm all about Eva.