28 February 2007

I would sell my soul for this Prada dress

And if the devil threw in the Brian Atwood round-toeds, I might even sell my minidress collection, too.

After seeing Kerry Washington's Miuccia-designed dress and clutch at last week's Independent Spirit Awards, I'm now even more inclined to type in the keywords "sell" "soul" and "Prada" into the Google search prompt.

Though they look like distinct entities - a cream satin shell and burgundy tulip mini - this is actually a runway-modified two-toned dress from Prada's Spring/Summer 2007 collection.

It's sophisticated, it's prim, and with the simple black, round-toed patent-leather Brian Atwood pumps, it's a look that could easily be pulled off in our buttoned-up city.

It's also an ensemble that could easily be replicated for a price friendlier to my meager military analyst budget.

To see me recreate this Prada and Brian Atwood outfit for a whole lot less, login later tonight.


Anonymous said...

So you, my dear, SO you.

nyc admirer said...

That is a really, really cute dress.

And you'd look mah-vah-lous in it!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable. Love that dress on her!

Anonymous said...

fab dress and I know this post is kind of a digression... but since you complain about people wearing sneakers w/ their work outfits and pride yourself on the fact that you wear heels to metro/walk to work I just wanted to get your opinion on this: I live on Capitol Hill and walk to work and I will be damned if I ruin a pair of Hollywould or Delman heels on these brick sidewalks. Thus I choose to walk to work in driving loafers (black or brown, depending on the base color that day) Does that also make me as terrible as any of these people who wear sneakers and not heels?

Your blog is fab and I loved the photo of your little Jack Russell. :) He is so cute!

Johanna said...

It's so funny, within two minutes of reading your comment, L - my best friend in DC - called and asked me pretty much the same question. Look, I have no real bone to pick with women who make the effort to tailor their casual footwear to their work attire. In some cases, flats, whether they be a cute snakeskin t-strap, a ballet slipper, or whatever, is a better choice than a heel. It's the women (and men, I suppose now) who strap on their big white aerobics shoes and tube socks that really irk me. They just look so unprofessional, even if you're on your *way* to work in them.

I walk 5 blocks to work and 5 blocks home every day, and yes, I do encounter some cobbly sidewalks and rude men who don't let me bypass the grates, but the challenges haven't ruined my shoes -- they've only made me more agile :-)

So glad you like the blog! And my sweet little man with the eye patch!

Anonymous said...

"sell" "soul" "prada" + Google=
A blog actually titled

"Will sell soul for Prada"

Asian Mistress said...

LOVE that dress!