28 February 2007

I think I might actually like her now.

Wearing the apricot-hued, fresh-off-the-Fall/Winter-runway, spiderweb-detailed Zac Posen gown to last Sunday's Oscars was Gwyneth's first step in reclaiming the affection I lost for her after she became London's second most annoying mother and U-S-of-A hater.

But this picture, oh goodness, this definitely counts as victories two through ten!

Any woman who slides up to a gym in 4-inch heels (even if they do look a bit Mephisto-esque) while carrying her running shoes nonchalantly in one hand is the kind of woman with whom I'd like to kick back and gab over High Lifes and a plate of vegetarian nachos and take a daytrip to New York solely to purchase false eyelashes at the Shu Uemura flagship store.

As long as I don't think about the $5.75 and 110 minutes I still want back after watching her give an even-worse-than-Winona-Ryder performance in my favorite poet's biopic, I think Gwyn and I will make this new relationship work just fine.

1 comment:

bff in chicago said...

them are some FUGLY-ass shoes she's got on. Why is it that the more money these celebrities make, the more ugly crap they buy?

So frustrating!