15 May 2007

Promote the hand that feeds you

For the third time in just as many months, the emperor-behind-the-curtain administrator at DC Blogs has anointed one of my posts with the title of "noteworthy."

I don't usually like to draw unnecessary attention to myself (hence the modest photo), which is why when this post and then these two were featured on DC Blogs back in March and April, respectively, I only gloated to a select few - the lucky few - with the news.

This morning, however, mid-shampoo, I realized I should give back and at least make mention of the hand that directly fed me more than half of my regular readers.

So, if you don't have a job or your employer is cool with you scanning blogs all day long, head on over to DC Blogs and oh, I don't know, click on the insightful girl-date post. It is "the definitive edition," after all.

*I didn't have time to find an appropriate picture to accompany this post on such short notice, so you get this one of Charlize Theron looking like the perfect-10 she always is at the 2008 Dior Cruise Collection runway show in NYC last night.


Brooke said...

Congradulations! The publicity is very much deserved.

tom h said...

Congrats Jo you deserve the kudos for many jobs well done.....keep it commin.......

Anonymous said...

I shocked you've only been nominated 3 times! It seems everyday your posts get funnier and funnier. And bitchier :)

AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

(Love the new picture and background)

Johanna said...

Brooke/tom h -

thanks for your hearty congratulations!

anonymous - I'm shocked, too, but only because I was sure my "god doesn't want to see your midriff" post would get it, not the girl-date one.

Anonimo no mas -
I'm blushing. Thank you. It's been a while...probably my fault. I miss you. Come back to me soon!