08 May 2007

Costume Institute Gala: best, worst & most disappointing

1. Lindsay Lohan (Zac Posen)

2. Rose McGowan (focus on the dress, not the face)3. Jennifer Lopez (Marchesa) 4. Sandra Bullock (Alberta Ferreti) 5. Iman (Emporio Armani)

1. Ivanka Trump

2. Elizabeth Banks 3. Giselle Bünchen (YSL) 4. Renee Zellweger (Carolina Herrera) 5. Kirsten Dunst (vintage YSL)

*Jessica Simpson has her own category that goes beyond "worst"

Most disappointing:
1. Cate Blanchett (Balenciaga)

2. Scarlett Johansson (Stella McCartney) 3. Jennifer Garner (Valentino)4. Chloë Sevigny (Balenciaga)5. Julianne Moore (YSL)


Lady Tiara said...

i love your choices for best dresses, although i really can't get past rose mcgowan's face. there is something very strange going on there.

dc girl said...

Julianne looks ghastly!

Brooke said...

Has J-lo worn that dress before? It looks so familiar.

west coast devotee said...

Chloe was disappointing? Does that mean you had expectations for her? Come on now, considering most of the other crap she's worn, this is actually pretty good for her.

What would you have worn? *That's* the real question.

Johanna said...

First, let me just say that I liked the original Stella McCartney dress - the one that was sent down the runway - but this one, with all that busy bodice-beading, sorry, not a fan.

The shoes, however, HOLY GOD those are nice. What are they, 6 inch heels? Sigh...

And yes, even though Chloe often wears outfits of questionable taste and style, for some reason, I do still have expectations for her. This year, instead of a "huh?" dress, she wore a (yawn) dress. Like my favorite line from "Factory Girl," -- "it's better to be vulgar than boring, darling."


What would I have worn? Hmmm...if I hadn't already worn that purple Malandrino couture gown I wanted to wear to the WHCA dinner, I suppose I would have gone for something from either the Marchesa or the Monique Lhuillier collections. I love the fabrics of the former but the cuts of the latter. Such a tough decision.

Noelle said...

What don't you like about Renee Zellweger's dress? I don't love it, but I don't think it's bad enough for a worst dressed listed.

Johanna said...


Good question.

The biggest problem I have with this dress is the aqua/black color palette. To me, it looks cartoonish - not at all pleasing to the eye. The second biggest problem is all that gosh darned beading. There isn't a square centimeter of that thing that isn't bedazzled. Even the outer-lining of the pockets has a "look! here are the pockets" trail or beads.

I know I tend to defer to the "it looks pageanty" excuse for why I don't like certain dresses, but in this case, it is wholly appropriate.

If the beading were a slightly darker shade of aqua or even better, just plain *gone*, this dress would be nowhere near my "worst" list.

Wouldn't be on my "best," either, though. Not a fan of the straight-edged strapless look.

Anonymous said...

the only one i disagree with you on is the carolina herrera, i thought it was ok. i loved the pattern and the color. the only thing that ruined it for me were the pockets- they are very awkward on such a form-fitting gown

Anonymous said...

i agree with wcd, chloe sevigny always looks bad

L said...

Kirsten Dunst is getting worse and worse - what the hell was on her head? And her dress looked like a purple garbage bag. And I was definitely disappointed in ScarJo - those fishnets looked pretty tacky with that dress.