18 May 2007

Let's buh-bye the Winter gear, shall we?

I realize today is a bit cooler than yesterday and about 25 degrees below the early-Summer temps we felt on Monday and Tuesday, but even so, it is still Spring outside, not Fall, not Winter but Spring. Therefore, to all those women I saw today who had recouped their boiled wool coats and Thinsulate gloves from their tucked-away-'til-next-year Rubbermaid storage bins because the thermometer dipped into the low-50s, I say put them back. Now.

Instead, revisit my Spring-is-on-its-way coat collection and the write-up I did earlier in the season on the Spring essential trench.

Wearing a coat made of a heavy, insulating material like wool or cashmere for crisp Spring pre-thunderstorm weather is not only impractical (are you going to want it on the 10-degree warmer commute home?) but it's also depressing to those around you who desperately need to be surrounded by a Spring-is-here-and-it's-here-to-stay backdrop. We need shades of ivory, coral, beige, gold and punchy primary-color prints. We need gauzy linen dresses, barely-there sandals and hose-free legs. We need short-sleeves, bare backs, tanned limbs, freckles and clear gloss. And finally, finally, we need a dose of Rembrandt-commercial-worthy public displays of affection.

Kiss in public. Hold hands. Rub the smalls of each other's backs while you walk home from the movie theater. Hug her, pick her up, make her laugh and say "Put me down, right now!" while twirling her around against her will. Muss his hair. Whisper to her that salacious thought you just had while riding the Metro. Tell him how you couldn't stop smiling during your staff meeting because you were thinking about how that one time the two of you went to the restaurant and just couldn't make it through a meal, so you decided to...well, you get my point. Do that. Do all of that.

And unless your Winter is like this bit of Winter from Love Actually, don't bring the cold weather wear back. Not yet. It's Spring's turn.


Anonymous said...

I've never been able to watch that scene without crying.

Sigh...to have someone feel that way about you. Must be nice!

intern in the city said...

I don't typically like bearing witness to other people's PDAs but the way you described it made it sound really sweet. Sad how you never see couples in DC like that. No married couples, anyway.