18 May 2007

Couture in the middle of f**king nowhere

My dear friend, ASJINE roving reporter and the scariest looking, shaved-head, 48-inch-shouldered Canali three-piece-wearing dude you'll ever meet - we'll call him "R" - captured on film some of the most "what the f**k?"-eliciting images I've ever seen.

And believe me, I've seen a lot of curious images. And videos. And .avi files on ex-boyfriends' laptops. But none of them, not even Jasmin St. Claire's IronMan stamina or Bridget "the midget" Powerz' ability to "get things done" while enclosed in an in-motion carry-on suitcase, slackjawed me as immediately as this series of photos.

R's description was too "him" to tamper with. Enjoy:

"So we're hauling ass out of Marfa along US 10, heading west for Sierra Blanca, to look at a National Guard run OP overlooking an illegal border crossing called 'Nelly's crossing.'

And then, on the other side of the road, we see it: Prada.

I literally couldn't believe my eyes. It has no entrance, but the goods are real, apparently donated by the firm.

If you're ever in West Texas ...."

$20 says Miuccia stiffed "Slim" with the check for her riblet basket at the Marfa truckstop:
Shoes and handbags worth more than the acre of land surrounding them:
Some want a husband, some want kids -- I just want a wall of stilettos: