23 March 2007

I am *that* good.

I think the purple tint of the tights is just the lighting against an opaque black pair but irregardless, did I call this or did I call this?

Instead of going bare-legged with a simple black or red almond-toed pump, Chloƫ had to fuss up this already chance-y, already showpiece-y multi-textured, multi-necklined, pouf-sleeved sateen Proenza Schouler dress with those Wicked Witch of the East buckled bondage booties. The two attention-grabbing items in one ensemble takes this look from fashionable to a Fairuza Balk in The Craft Halloween costume.

An improvement over last time, a big one, but still not up to my standards. Not with a body that hot and a bank account that big.

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Anonymous said...

That dress looked way better in the first picture, didn't it?