23 March 2007

Chloë looking better than usual...I think

I didn't think much of this textured LBD with pouf-sleeves, inlaid plunge v-neck over high scoopneck and empire waist cinch when I first saw it prance down Proenza Schouler's runway this past January, but with the fur collar removed and draped on Chloë Sevigny of all people, it somehow went from eh to incredibly fierce.

I wish I could find a photo of Chloë's full ensemble, and I also wish I had more confidence in her ability to pull off a fantastic heel-to-coiff look, but since I don't on either front, I'm going to have to assume she's wearing some bright purple textured tights and a god awful pair of "high fashion" metal-studded ankle boots.

Baby steps, I suppose, and since she finally wore a nice, flattering dress and had the good sense to allow someone to slap some decent makeup on her face, I'm going to focus on her progress, not speculate on how far she still has to go.

Or, I could just focus on how devilishly handsome those two boys from Proenza Schouler are...


Anonymous said...

Are the p.s. boys straight?

Johanna said...

Nope. They dated each other for 5 years before breaking up in 2005, and keeping things professional while working in what I assume are pretty close quarters. Don't know how that works, but in this case, it most certainly does!