11 May 2007

Melanie Griffith has Crypt-Keeper legs

Just a quick warning to those of you - myself very much included - who likey the sunny a little too much: all this could be yours at the tender age of 49.

Minus the bags of money, the chirpy voice and Antonio, of course.

Unlike Britney, for whom I have no beauty-longevity expectations, I can't help but look at these photos of the once fine Ms. Griffith, curl into a couch-ball and ask aloud, "was Milk Money really that long ago?"

And on that depressing note, I'm off now to gather data for my heel study and to tan it up 30-SPF-style amidst the urea-scent and equally pungent I'm-sort-of-married lobbyist pheromones hovering around the Daily-Grill-adjacent "park."


Anonymous said...

I would pull the "hey that's photoshopped!" card, but in this case, I'm think it's real. That would take waaaay too much time and manpower to create with a computer.

west coast devotee said...

Okay, your new picture (which is almost *too* gorgeous, by the way) next to that nasty leg is more than I can handle on a Friday afternoon.

I feel like a need a double shot of tequila to take the edge off.

Court said...
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