16 May 2007

Checked again and nope, Lindsay still not that hot

One would think the day after being named the hottest woman in the world - a decision by the way, questioned not only by yours truly but many, many others - Lindsay Lohan might go a wee bit out of her way to look the part.

But last night, stumbling out of Stereo nightclub in NYC with current hump-puppet Calum Best in tow, LiLo, with her coke-bloat, mussed hair and smudged kohl-rimmed eyes looks more like she's about to take the stage at a Poison trubte band concert than strut the mmmhmmm-I'm-hotter-than-all-y'all strut the way Maxim's top lady should.

And I don't care if she did have a Wilson's gift-card "just lying around" -- there's no excuse for that jacket.


nyc admirer said...

hahahahha Bret Michaels is right. when you're on, you're on, doll.

erin said...

ew, the women's leather jacket. such an awful look.

Anonymous said...

you are just too funny! when I clicked on that Poison pic, I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

msu guy said...

Sigh...funny and hot.