25 May 2007

10 reasons to love Natalie Portman

10. This crinkled-satin lucite-halter mini by Lanvin (charity event, 2007)
9. She loves dogs, America and evening sandals all in the same breath
8. She brings out a healthy dose of humility in every woman
7. She turned down ScarJo's breakout role
6. She has a degree (I said I was an education-ist)
5. She left Jude Law's cheating ass in Closer
4. This movie. Her character. That airport ending.

3. No one rocks make-up free and bald more beautifully
2. This gunmetal plunge gown by Lanvin (Academy Awards, 2005)
1. She spits dirtier rhyme than Bubba Sparxx


i think you're brilliant said...

I love her even more now that I've seen that rap...that was surreal.

d said...

woww...didn't think she was capable of that...cool!

I think i'll get the Blackberry too!:) I wish it had the touchscreen though...