26 April 2007

Are we really having this conversation again?

DC women, I just don't know what to do with you.

Walking the little princeling after work yesterday on ConnAve between K and Dupont Circle, I saw enough bejeweled, sequined, spangly, sparkly, straps-winding-up-the-calves "special occasion" sandals to put Sheesha Lounge on a Saturday night to shame.

Problem is, these women were wearing suits, not stretch pants and tube tops; this was a weekday in the most professional of all professional DC corridors, not a rowdy Saturday night in Adams Morgan; and the offenders were predominatly women in their late-30s/early-40s, not 23 year old super seniors.

Even after I wrote a post about this very problem back in January, I never thought I'd hit a point where I actually wanted to pull these ladies aside, one by one, and offer to escort them to the New Balance store to purchase a nice new pair of cool grey 992s.

Yes, that's right, if the choice is between these and these, always choose the latter. No question.

There's a reason why "Dress for your audience" is my number 2 rule. 'Tis much less offensive to place function over fashion than it is to be a DC professional from the ankles up and a cage dancer from the ankles down.

So please, let go of your "the strappier the better" mantra when it comes to picking out a work shoe and slip your feet into a nice pair of understatedly sexy pumps like these 'Giselle' peeptoes from Kate Spade ($275 at katespade.com).

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