11 January 2007

Prom shoes are not for the office.

Let me introduce you to Kate Spade's "Lover" in Gold Specchio.

Beautiful, aren't they?

These delicate, bow-topped, asymmetrical side-strap slingbacks are the crown jewel of my shoe collection. Even when I stand back and take in the impressiveness that is my color-coded, fabric-sorted walk-in, my "Lovers" still stand out.

And when I slip them on, whether they're accompanying my 1958 vintage gold Grecian-style shift or my silk plunge v-neck/v-back column dress, I feel like Julia Roberts looked the night she won her Oscar.

In a word -- unbeatable.

As so many things in life are, unfortunately, that which one enjoys most is not that which one gets to enjoy most often.

So, to the woman I saw wearing shoes like those below with a professional suit and briefcase: I know these are probably your favorite pair of shoes, but there's a reason why you were in the "Special Occasion" section when you bought them. No matter where you work, no matter if you're a CEO or a secretary, the office is not strappy-evening-shoe appropriate.

Posting on office-acceptable shoes to come later in the day.

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