25 April 2007

If I had a sugar daddy...

Lorelei dress by Diane von Furstenberg
$425 at saks.com


bff in chicago said...

Oh my god, if there was ever a dress that screamed your name, *this* has to be it. The deep but classy (no cleavage) plunge in the front, the bow, the dark colors. You must have this dress.

Then you must find a man to wear it with - a man who isn't a fu**ing fool.

Johanna said...

I know, I absolutely love it. I'm waiting for Saks end-of-the-summer sale and if they have it in my size (cross your fingers) and it's at least 40% off, then I'll consider it.

As for the man issue, well, I think we'll both have to wait until well past the end of the summer for that one...like my John Mayer song?