07 March 2007

The anti-Eva eye-makeup

Remember what I said about equilibrium, how for every woman in skinny-heeled peeptoes, a fabulous wrapdress and just so sideswept bangs there is her block-heeled pilgrim-buckled pump, boxy sheath, Mom bob counterpart?

Upon seeing Eva's lure-me-to-the-other-side cat-eye and now Christina's frightening circus face, I understand this concept holds true in the world of celebrity makeup as well.

Click at your own risk, but I should warn you, in addition to seeing up close the psychedelic color wheel painted on her face, you'll get a mouthful of arm hair thick as a day laborer's.


west coast devotee said...

Dear God! Don't these people have makeup artists? she looks like the painted her face in the limo on her way over to the club. And with a roller, not a brush.

london girl said...

it sort of looks like the makeup they put on Broadway actors so that people sitting in the waaaaay back can still see their faces.

She looks a right mess, for sure.

Anonymous said...

This is appauling. She literally looks like a clown!