07 March 2007

Remind me again how we know *for sure* she's female?

Instead of bitchy commentary, I'm just going to let you judge for yourself while peeking through your hands, which, I know, like mine, are already covering your eyes at the mention of her name.

Ladies and gentleman, the undeniable hotness of Gollum Dunst:

(note: I apologize for the abrupt shudder-to-sigh transition, but to stop your eyes from bleeding, I thought I should include a picture of the lovely Rachel McAdams, who reminds us all that even with wonky highlights and a really bad Chanel dress - the same one Kirsten wore to this year's Oscar's - a pretty face has the power to conquer all)


a fan said...

how does that beast get boyfriends? seriously, she is beyond FUG.

dc girl said...

double FUG.