20 February 2007

Upon closer look

I now think it was Bridget Moynahan's perfectly applied eye-makeup, not her dress, that stole the spotlight at her Gray Matters premiere over the weekend.

Maybe this explains why Heather Graham went in for such a close inspection...

Ladies, do as I plan to do and print this photo out on high-quality paper and tape it next to your side mirror in preparation for the next time you have a Shu-Uemara evening out on the town at Off the Record, Town & Country, Round Robin or any of the other DC haunts worthy of hosting a $20 false lash set with mod-feathering detail.

Actually, scratch that, you don't need to wait. This eye could easily be toned down to make the office-appropriate cut. If you nix the false lashes (painful as that is to write), draw a tighter, thinner line with your black pencil, and hold back a little on the kohl smudge, you should be all set.

Just don't forget to top-off this look with a shiny bare lip.

Only a trouble-seeking harlot would consider coloring her pout red for work.


a fan said...

"Troubling-seeking," indeed, Jo...

nyc admirer said...

But I like harlots.

Especially ones who speak Chinese and wear skinny jeans with heels to work :)

west coast devotee said...

She is loads prettier than Giselle, in my opinion. Brady's the one who lost out here.

a fan said...

Yeah, "nyc admirer," there is something rather hot about a harlot who speaks Chinese and has style.

And who swears like a sailor and cooks like a, well, three outta four ain't bad.

Sorry, babe, but you can't cook for shit.