25 February 2007

Oh, the neckline!

Unimpressed by the all-Armani clad women - a group that included style mavens Cate, Penelope, Ziyi, Katie and her majesty, Ms. Mirren - at the designer's eponymous pre-Oscar party last night, I took what I thought would be more than a few steps down on the fashion-ladder to peruse the womanly wares at the National Hispanic Media Coalition awards.

Yeah, I'd never heard of them, either.

But instead of the gaudy, pageanty, Miami-esque halter gowns I expected to quickly click through, I found "Ugly Betty" star America Ferrera in this beautiful chiffon LBD with geometric plunge neckline and delicately constructed flutter-tiered skirt.

To flatter her fuller figure, America smartly chose a muted color, a wispy fabric draped in layers with thickness-minimizing gathering at the waist, and a dramatic neckline that draws all attention upward to frame her two best assets: her face and d├ęcolletage.

Her simple black suede Prada peeptoe D'Orsays were an ideal choice to temper the busy layering of the hemline.

Jennifer Hudson, take note.


i think you're brilliant said...

She's such a classy young star. Hard to find these days.

And stop apologizing for highlighting LBDs! I don't know about your other readers, but I'd much prefer to see those than trashy, shredded-looking Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton Cavalli dresses.

a fan said...

She does dress really well.

Love that neckline! You'd look great in that dress, though it'd cover up YOUR best ASSets a little too much :-)