12 February 2008

Perfect for a 'morning after'

There are only a few things in life that bring me more joy than an unexpected and significant discount on an item I've long wanted but whose acquisition I could never really justify.

Pedigree commercials with happy endings, making it through the day without snagging my tights, catching "Serendipity" on TBS -- you know, the special stuff.

If you're like I am and have a few somethings you've been eyeing over at Active Endeavors recently, maybe a few items a wee bit outside your price range or that fall too squarely in the "I don't really need it" category, take advantage of ASJiNE's first personalized promotional code* -aptly named, 'noexcuse'- and go get one of 'em for 20% off its regular price!

Last year, my girl L got herself a Minkoff 'morning after' for Valentine's Day, and from what I hear, they're not just still going strong, they're inseparable.

So many relationships fail these days -- I see no reason why we shouldn't invest in something that offers up a more reliable return, especially when there is a whimsically-printed silk lining and $120 discount involved.

Happy shopping!

*the 'noexcuse' promotional code is good through the end of February for 20% off any regular priced merchandise


Anonymous said...

anyone who pays $600 for a bag is a fool

Johanna said...

I know, right?

That's why I advocate the 'noexcuse' promotional code! Why pay $600 when you can get it for $480??

Happy friggin' Valentine's day!