28 February 2008

Eye candy of the week

Kudos to Brooke for finally sitting me down and showing me this new clip for next month's premiere of "The Hills". Just like my love for Audrina's love for Justin Bobby, Monday nights at C's cozy AdMo abode will live once again!

How would I rock a pair of dramatic dress trousers at a black-tie event? You're lookin' at my answer right here. Minus the "Brian [Austin Green]" tattoo, of course.
To borrow a term from the ladies over at GFY, this ravishing redhead (Teen Vogue's Accessories Director, Taylor Tomasi Hill) at the Tuileries yesterday creates the ultimate in 'lady cum tramp' scroll-down chic. Holy legs, Batman!

I've always liked men's watches far more than women's, but this one -'The Motif'- from longtime favorite line Nixon, is making me reconsider that preference. So very pretty, no?

We all fawned over Penelope's feather-bedecked Chanel Haute Couture gown on the red carpet, but how many got to see the second dress in which she stepped out for the many Oscar after parties? Penny's always been a favorite of mine, because she's one of the few beauties who can pull off the smolder and the cute with a quick dress change and hair tousle.

Before the unfortunate bang chop. Sorry, but that's all I can think about here. That and how HRL would snap this black and gold banded skirt up in less than a New York minute and then, in all honesty, ask me, "Really, you think it's '80s?"

I just want to see these new ruffled Prada runway pumps in person. Just to touch. Okay, maybe to wear, too, but only to work.

I can finally die happy knowing a benevolent soul and not some horrid socialite earned the honor of wearing the $14,500 Proenza Schouler cocktail dress. You say serving food to the hungry, I say serving Vogue to the fashion hungry. It's all charity in God's eyes.

I get in this same exact 'J' position after crunches and before prison push-ups, but aside from the sultry look and feelin'-for-progress hand placement, the similarities end there. Oh Katie Moss, no matter how old or drugged up you get, you'll always be the most glamorous chick in the coop.


Anonymous said...

"No, you're making YOURSELF cry!" Oh, Spencer...your quick-witted barbs amaze me.

I hate that show, but I won't lie...it's only because I'm extremely jealous of how beautiful and wealthy everyone is.

Brooke said...

Justin Bobby, thank you for coming back into Audrina's life. What would the Hills be without some JB camera time?

Anonymous said...

Bilson's bangs are f$$king tragic

C said...

This season is clearly going to be like a unicorn pissing a rainbow into our ears. I'm mixing up the biscuit batter now!

dc stylist said...

Love that watch! And Kate Moss.

Dee said...

OMG, that The Hills preview got my stomach all aflutter. I can't wait for the return of my guilty pleasure, if only to see that bow-backed coat Lauren was wearing in Paris. Thanks you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

wtf is a prison push-up?

Anonymous said...

Hills, Penelope, Anna, Kate -- the very definition of "eye candy"!! Thank you!!

I second the prison pushup question.

Anonymous said...

Love Kate. Love love love her no matter what.

Anonymous said...

umm, third the prison pushup question.

also, glad to see you're back in fine form.

Johanna said...

Prison push-ups:

first 25: regular pushups

second 25: both hands moved inward 3 inches

third 25: both hands moved inward 'til touching, forming a triangle

See, much to be learned on late night MSNBC documentaries!


Prêt-à-Porter P said...

Could the show be anymore staged? And could Justin bobby impersonate Johnny depp anymore? (that being the reason I’ll tune in of course, on MUTE of course)
And Penelope is amazing. The oscar dress not so flattering, but who cares it was custom Chanel Haute Couture.

elle said...

Really? You think that skirt is 80s?

Iheartfashion said...

Love the watch. And Kate.

Ms. Givens said...

Love love love the ruffled Prada's!

RD Robertson said...

Lovely dress.I am happy to see this.I am a big fan of you. BTW your shoe is very nice.