17 December 2007

A last-minute decision

Unfortunately for you and me both, at the last minute I've been called out of town for work-related reasons from today until Friday to a place that is ASJiNE inaccessible indoors and 25 degrees colder outdoors.

Yeah, I'm pretty over the moon about it, too.

Of all the pictures I could leave you with until I return on Friday afternoon, I wanted to give you something pretty to look at, something somewhat fashion-related and of course, something Monte-focused. I think you'll agree the one I chose of the Baron von Bobbysocks and his trusty pal Burt (obscured by my heavy legs) investigating the new Chanel collection at Saks this past Saturday fits the bill quite nicely.

Before any of you go crazy with your rant-tastic "how could you bring your dogs into Saks?!" attitudes, please to note that the floor manager of the designer section approached Hot Redhead Lawyer and me on his own accord and effusively thanked us for having done so, calling the practice "so French" and therefore, not just perfectly acceptable but correct.

"I do say, Burtie, that one-shouldered dress is okay - a bit Kate Moss for Topshop for me - but compared with the sable-sleeved Prada dress your Mum just bought, it's just so utterly pedestri...oh, oh, come now, little one, I do believe I smell on-sale Gaultier thattaway!"

p.s. before the rumors start spreading, yes, there was a "situation" earlier in the day on Saturday, and yes, it did involve this position in this store. I would like to thank the proximate shoppers who politely looked in the opposite direction during the actual "release," the nice man from the espresso kiosk who so graciously threw away the Border's coupon with which I tidied up the accident, and oh yes, HRL for informing everyone from a small child in the shoe department to a Humane Society volunteer distributing adopt-a-pet flyers to an elevator full of chatty tourists that my dog has a penchant for taking dumps in upscale department stores.

p.p.s. if you too have been feeling a little heart-achy around the holidays, please check out the iMix I put together to make those consciously melodramatic "I wonder what ____ is doing right now..." gazes out the airplane window just a little bit more consciously dramatic:

1. "I'll be over you" (Toto)*
2. "Again" (Lenny Kravitz)
3. "Almost lover" (A Fine Frenzy)
4. "The tracks of my tears" (Smokey Robinson & the Miracles)
5. "All my life" (Linda Ronstadt)
6. "No names" (Kate Rusby)
7. "No one" (Alicia Keyes)
8. "Someone said goodbye" (Enya)
9. "I'm not in love" (10cc)
10. "The search is over" (Survivor)
11. "Ballad of a bitter end" (The Poems)
12. "As long as I live" (Anita O'Day)
13. "How lucky we are" (Meiko)
14. "It ain't over 'til it's over" (Lenny Kravitz)
15. "Answer" (Sarah McLachlan)
16. "If we never meet again" (Louis Armstrong)

*'Anonymous No More' -- I told you I'd remember to download it!


brown rowergirl said...


laura said...

Maybe this is wrong, but Monte's voice (in my head) sounds like a cross between Tim Gunn and Stewie from "Family Guy."


dara said...

Stewie, definitely.

Have a great trip but hurry back!

Anonymous said...

I love dogs and would be delighted to meet one as cute as Monte during one of my department store trips but a crapping dog - NO NO NO

Burtie said...

Everyone, meet Monte, he's the one who pooed in Bloomingdales.

Brooke said...

That dogwalker is cute stuff!

N said...

Does the dogwalker have a sweatshirt that says "poo?"

Brooke said...

Now that would be quite a coincidence! It says "Liverpool"


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your taste in clothing, shoes and accessories. Your taste in music is questionable, however. Not that you care what anon commenters think. :) Happy holidays!

C said...

The thing is, Monte probably thinks they should consider it an honor that he would defecate on their carpet.

Anonymous said...

That's really gross.

elle said...

In Monte's defense, it was actually not terrible - it happened essentially in an "entrance" area on the polished floor (not carpet), so all evidence was removed within seconds. And Bloomies was having a dog event on Saturday, so I suspect he had company (not Burtie, though)

lila m. said...

This makes me adore Monte even more. The pic of him is so sweet.

Johanna said...

Believe me, I was MORTIFIED when Monte did his business right then and there. Absolutely mortified.

and yeah, my taste in music is horrid. like movies and TV, I have an extremely high tolerance for low quality. if I like it, I like it, even if it is adult contemporary.


Johanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I like most of these songs! The first one is such a guilty classic.

Oh...dear me said...

Monte! you rock!
My dog goes with me to Neimans, she loves it!
Oh I love the 80's music!

Candid Cool said...

its good that u cleaned up after your dog. but thats pretty horrible, good thing it was on carpet.

cute chanel picture, u look fabulous

san fran fan said...

I still can't believe that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and not have any new ASJiNE posts.

that picture of you guys in Saks is a classic. what are you wearing? it's hard to tell because of the lighting.

Anonymous No More said...

"Good Song"

Better to see you yesterday.

Travel safe.

Candid Cool said...


Maxie said...

I stumbled onto a picture of Beyonce looking pretty good (or at least I think so)... and I figured I would share it with the group:


callie said...

come back soon! it's just not the same without you :(

drea said...

you like Anita O'Day??? I'm so shocked. Damn it, now I feel compelled to like you.

fabulous shoes in this picture, btw.

lidia said...

It is such a French thing to do. I spent last summer in Paris and Nice for work (lucky me I know) and every store, cafe, and restaurant was filled with puppy dogs. My friend hated it but I loved it. Dogs, dogs everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I love dogs but having them in the same room as Chanel is pushing it. What if your little precious had pooped in there? I highly doubt they would have been as friendly.

What adult dog still poops indoors, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Who's the guy with the brightly-colored Adidas? He's hot.

my outfit today is rough said...

ok, unless you're throwing food off the back of a truck to starving kids, it's time to get back to the blog! And where the heck is there no internet and why are you travelling to blackberry inaccessible areas?!!?

Oh...dear me said...

wiered without your daily posts!

16th streeter said...

I'm with "my outfit" - this hiatus is borderline unacceptable. no one ever takes your warnings seriously because you never end up taking the time off!

where is monte during all of this? can't he guest post? can't hot redhead lawyer or bridalbird??

petra said...

I thought for sure the Jamie Lynn scandal would bring you out of hiding! And to think, just a few months ago, you named her "the Spears upgrade". Wow.

Anonymous said...

um i've traveled around the world and never been somewhere with no internet. are you somwehere uncivilized if so, are you still wearing your 4 inch heels?

Bridal Bird said...

My information is as follows:

* Monte is currently getting a shiatsu at a puppy spa that costs more for a stay than The Mandarin.
He would blog but he's too busy eating foie gras and Milkbones with balsamic reduction. (With a knife and fork, natch.) Plus, he's worried the strain of typing would undo all the incredible work that Filomena the masseuse did on his quadri-quads.
* Hot Redheaded Lawyer is likely standing in front of her wardrobe, head cocked to one side, pondering whether the Prada should maybe have its own closet altogether.
* J is in a land far, far away where the barrel-roll bang never really went out of style and Slayer T-shirts aren't worn ironically but they do look faboo with boyshorts. Last I heard, she was in that exact outfit crooning "Love is a Battlefield" into a MiLi bottle.

Bridal Bird

PS-I'll give you fair warning that you'd be well-advised to quicky restow the comfortable shoes and baggy trousers we've all been trotting about town in all week because the Enforcer's return is imminent.

Matty said...

Ewww..no, this is why dogs shouldn't be allowed in the first place.