28 November 2007

A new coat-inspired catwalk-to-sidewalk iMix

As I walked home last night from work, my first enshrouded in The Precious pictured above, I realized I hadn't a single selection in my cache of 22 iMixes befitting such a special, such an inaugural occasion.

Of my existing compilations, one was too workout-y, another too maudlin, 11 others way too maudlin, and the rest, well, either too Britney or too Amy focused.

When I wear my new Hanii Y, I want to feel strong and lovely, maybe even a little coquettish -- certainly not anything reminiscent of bloody spousal fighting, poop-filled pool areas and two pregnancies in two years.

Never one to just "deal," after the dog-walk and just before Brian's sad but justified dismissal from "The Biggest Loser," I sat down Indian-style on the beige wall-to-wall and carefully pieced together the perfect six-song serenade to the new thick-waled, decorative-buttoned love in my life.

And I think I did good. Real good.

If this morning's reaction was any indication - I swear, I could feel her I-can't-stop-thinking-about-you-in-me-edness pulsating in major chorded colors all around my body - I think I chose wisely.

Please to enjoy the following with whatever new purchase (or old favorite) holds a special place in your heart:

"Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac

"Feeling Good" by Nina Simone

"Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison

"Heaven on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle

"Crush" by Jennifer Paige

and one I haven't listened to in years...

"Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service

And because it really is the little things that make me smile, here is a close-up of the oversized buttons on my loverly Hanii Y:


Anonymous said...

I was sad to see Brian go, too. But I'm not a Kim fan, so hopefully her role on the show is done now. Hollie and Nicole can be next, I say.

Brooke said...

I wish it had been Hollie. Why oh why did they have to eliminate Kae last week?

brown rowergirl said...

I love that Nina Simone and Belinda are in the same group. Kiss to you for that.

I haven't watch TBL in so many seasons. Has it gotten interesting again?

okemos pal said...

Those buttons are wicked. Love them.

You'll never ween off Pretty Woman, will you? I remember at 10 years old...it's sweet, really :-)

bff in chicago said...

LOL, I just imagined you seeing "I wanna be with you everywhere" to the Chinaman.

still can't get over that coat. 'tis DEEvine.

p.s. beyonce = zaftig

bff in chicago said...

whoops, meant "singing" not "seeing"

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm....that nina simone made my day!!

I heart the biggest loser!

st. louis lass said...

You've inspired me to not buy a coat, Miss Johanna. I like it but definitely don't love it the way you love yours. I want that! I want the fairytale!

You know, Pretty Woman reference?

brookeisawesome said...


Post pictures of your pal Brooke! She's super fly, and her picture blog rocks!

Johanna said...


Indeed, Brooke *is* awesome. She is also the photographer in these photos. She graciously took about 100 before I found one that was reasonably flattering of me, emphasis on "reasonably" :-)

And the posters in the background are also from her office, not mine, which is covered in a lovely shade of Monte/niece/Dick Cheney/fruit sticker wallpaper.

law student said...

Your clothing obsession makes me feel so much better about my own mini one.

Also, in your last DC Style post you mentioned you'd be doing a follow up on weekend party dress code. Is that coming soon? Like before *this* weekend?


jezebel said...

lass in st. louis, I say go ahead and buy the coat. the only people who are able to fall in love with clothing in the same retarded way Johanna has are people without any REAL love in their lives. She has her dog and her closet and that's it. Unless you're the same way, I recommend putting that emotion into something worthwhile like a relatinoship with a human being.

I think she has great taste in clothing, but I also think her life must be pretty empty for her to spend this much time on her blog and this much money on her wardrobe. There's a lot more to life to fashion and writing about it, but maybe she'll learn that lesson when she falls in love for the first time.

dc girl said...

um, I have a husband and a newborn daughter and I definitely get the in love feeling Johanna gets. the two are not mutually exclusive.

Anonymous said...

Love is love, Jezebel. As long you got it and give it, ain't nuthin wrong. But you won't find any here, so go away.

M Street admirer said...

in agreement with anon 4:01.

also...J, is that you in the since I don't (yet) picture? the bangles make me think it is, but then I'm wondering who took the picture? Monte? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is stronger, my girl-crush on you or my coat-crush on your Hanii Y!

Jezebel sounds like a real hoot!

Anonymous said...

I actually think Jezebel has a valid point. From what I can tell, J has been in love before but it was with someone who didn't love her back. Maybe that's why she now channels her feelings into clothes -- at least they can't leave her ;-)

Anonymous said...

sweet baby jesus and the angels - its fashion, its fun, whats NOT to love!

I'm loving your work Johanna

If you dont like dont read :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that J has never claimed to only care about fashion and dogs. And you know what? Even if she does only care about fashion and dogs? You're the ones reading it.

grammar queen said...

I think you mean you did *well* not good.

elle said...

I only care about fashion and dogs.

jezebel said...

Elle, maybe you and J should get married then.

laura said...

'Tis beauteous, and sassy playlists are sometimes the only highlight of my day. In fact, I have to go now, because Britney, Hilary Duff, Timbaland and I need to work some things out on the elliptical.

(I will now confess that LeAnn Rimes' new single is also on that very same playlist.)

Dave said...

Jezebel, you crack me up. Johanna writes a blog about fashion with some pop culture and dog info mixed in. She's not writing about her love life or really anything else about herself. Maybe she's married with two kids. Maybe she's involved with someone. Maybe she's unable to feel emotion for anything but fashion and Monte. We don't know and it doesn't matter. This isn't a blog about any of that stuff. Her writing about that stuff would be distracting and would remove the focus from fashion. That you believe that Johanna is that person is a tribute to her writing. She's convinced you. Would you feel better if she blogged tomorrow about how the Chinese buying US debt impacts the economy?

As for the not loving back thing, I'm sure J is fine with admitting that Dick Cheney doesn't love her back.

Anonymous said...

totally unrelated question:

how long did it take you to become fluent in mandarin and did you have to spend time living abroad (china or taiwan where they speak mandarin) to achieve that?


and adore your blog. :)


Lady Tiara said...

oh poor jezebel. she's apparently never experienced the deep love a woman can feel for her new winter coat. i'm feeling it right now. and thankfully, my husband totally gets it and was kind enough to watch me model the three i ended up rejecting.

K said...

Everyone is looking at this all wrong. We only get the tip of the iceberg with our girl J here.

Think of it this way: if she's this passionate about clothes and a dog (no offense, 'Squieu), imagine how passionate she must be in love! About family? About her work?

OK, maybe not that last thing. ;)

Bridal Bird said...

(wiping away tears from laughter)
Jezebel, did you seriously just resort to "well if you love her so much then why don't you marry her?"

I eagerly await your verdict tomorrow in the matter of the People v. NannyNannyBooBoo.

Johanna said...


Elle and I are considering it, but (1) our dogs are still figuring out how to share (2) the closet space in Elle's condo would NOT accommodate all our clothes, and (3) I could see both of us being late to work in the event of a vicious black eyeliner battle.

I'll keep you updated.

nighty night,