24 August 2007

I think I'm done relating to her

Blake is the best man in the world. We would never ever harm each other... I was cutting myself after he found me in our room about to do drugs with a call girl and rightly said I wasn't good enough for him. I lost it and he saved my life.

(Amy Winehouse, in a text to Perez Hilton, explaining the bloody "spat" she and husband Blake Fielder-Civil had early Thursday morning)

After a solid six months and change, I think I'm sorta done with my Amy Winehouse phase.

I still love her sound, still appreciate and give a sincere "girl, I feel you" to her "Tears dry on their own" lyrics and will still recommend her freshman effort, "Back to Black," to anyone looking for an album they can listen to all the way through without skipping a track, but as for my girl crush - and the twisted desire I had deep down to live a bit of her sordid, strung-out life - I think I'm done.

Unlike the Kate and Pete adventure, Amy and Blake's is much less glamorous to look at (Ms. Moss would never show her face post-squabble without having first touched-up her makeup), much less despite-the-drugs-they-do-seem-right-for-each-other and much less likely to spiral into a situation involving a settling of differences with razorblades, methorexic fists, a call girl and shards of glass from an innocent fifth of Wild Turkey.

Cross your fingers that Amy, her giant hair, tiny waist and signature doo-wop sound somehow make it back into rehab and back into the studio to record another fantastic set of songs. We can't let her devolve into the Lauryn Hill redux. We just can't.

In the meantime, to end your Friday on a less wrist-slitting note, enjoy Blogspot's newest video-adding feature and check out how blasé my pup is when someone other than his Mum showers him with affection:


Brooke said...

I will be the first to say Monte is a cutie pie but my husband (featured in the video) is even cuter!

Johanna said...

I should point out that Monte loves himself some of Brooke's husband, he just has a very VERY difficult time being affectionate to anyone other than myself.

At least I like to think that, so please don't proffer any "but remember when he..." stories that might make me think otherwise.

smitten said...

The two of you must literally stop traffic. That is the cutest puppy (puppy still?) I've ever seen. And you? Well...you're pretty cute too.

brown bear '02 said...

Amy, I'm afraid, is destined to be a one album wonder and not because of a lack of talent but for a lack of willpower. Girl's going to drink/drug herself into oblivion even before she can think about a sophomore album.

Monte is the preciousest precious that ever was.

'frisco guy said...

Too. Cute.

The dog, not Amy. She's a right mess.

JT said...

i LOVE amy...but she definitely needs help- and "Back to Black" is her sophomore album...the first one, "Frank" is definitely HOT. I believe it was only released overseas though.

Anonymous said...

your dog is so cute! but you know that