12 November 2007

My very first fête!

I pinky-swear promise this blog won't turn into a me-me-me fashion show, but since L used a proper camera to take proper photos before and while we were at the Corcoran Museum's Fall Fête on Saturday night, I thought I'd give your weary eyes a break from the heavily pixelated images I usually post and offer you a rare glimpse into the world of what my friends and I look like in full-on focus.

Other than one major eyesore (see final picture) and the curious popularity of blah weekday hair, blah workday pumps and the will-they-never-learn? presence of untoned shoulders and backs in strapless necklines, I had no major complaints about the fashion at this black-tie affair. Sure, there was the unfortunate coincidence that every other woman decided to wear this dress - at last count, L and I identified five of them - but overall, my friends and I agreed most women there fell somewhere between 5-7 out of 10.

We're not yet perfect, but I'm working on it -- remedying the situation one back-slit up to v-town at a time.


Pre-party at L's condo, the glazed look a result of being in a 'Blackout' trance and my steadfast commitment to never cracking a smile while wearing a designer dress. A heavily discounted designer dress, mind you.

I promise, Burtie, I promise not to tell Monte or your mother about us. We'll keep it on the Atlantic Starr tip, okay? Shhhh...just look at me and "know," you spicy thing. I'm not a label hound by any stretch of the imagination (hush, Mom), but because some of you might ask where my girls' fabu dresses are from, the one on the left (on A) is Miu Miu and the one on the right (on L) is Lanvin. I had just told L earlier that evening how I never met a necklace I liked, but as soon as I set my eyes on A's luxe, crystal-globed beauty, I'm considering giving them a formal chance.
Here L and I are doing our best to rock A's make-your-arms-look-as-thin-as-possible stance. She was militant about pinning that arm back. I sh*t you not, I came thisclose to pulling a muscle, and I'm pretty sure those thumbprint-shaped bruises on my biceps are from her hands-on instruction giving. If not, then...um, next picture.
The final A/J/L permutation. I was peer-pressured into that half-smile, by the way. So not may-jah.Perhaps my favorite picture ever. Here, L caught me snapping a photo of the world's evening's worst footwear: white, patent-leather pooties. Some might say the sick feeling I had in my stomach all day yesterday had something to do with my Fun-Size Butterfinger lunch and eight flutes of Champagne dinner the night before, but I vehemently believe the pain was patent-leather-pootie induced.


nyc admirer said...

Wow, when did DC women get so good-looking? They certainly didn't look like you three when I lived there. Lovely, all of you.

The Atlantic Starr made my day, doll.

holiday said...

I'm guessing L must be your friend Red Headed Lawyer. You all look great. Glad you found another dress to add to your ruffled dress collection.

The white booties are an atrocity.

Anonymous No More said...

ow ow! You look great as do your friends. A little social butterfly blogging is fine, so long long as your keep the gratuitous photo sets.

elle said...

There is now photographic proof of what up until now I only suspected: Burtie Spice is not monogamous.

brown bear '02 said...

Lovely ladies! Love your dresses too!

erika said...

I saw you there, and you and your friends looked really amazing. I sort of hoped you wouldn't (easier to hate you that way), but you're even prettier in person than you are in your pictures. Red Head Lawyer's dress and stockings blew me away. She must be from New York!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw those pooties, I knew you'd be there and I knew you'd blog about them this morning! Like Erika said, you're even more stunning in person, and those pooties were even more heinous in person. Both your friends are really cute. What did you think of the event? They men were ghastly, don't you think?

jessica said...

I normally don't like such shapeless dresses but that one on you is really hot. the neckline is so unique.

Where did you guys learn to do your eye makeup??? It looks professionally done. Whenever I try to do a smoldering eye, I always have to start over about 10 times and the end result looks nothing like what you guys had. Lessons please!

Burt = precious

concerned said...

I don't think I need to remind you again how much more attractive you used to be when you weren't so thin...your friends look amazing. You look anorexic.

Anonymous said...

I agree, you *do* look a little thin, hon. Could be the cut of the dress, but maybe you should stop with the Fun Size candy bar meals and try something more substantial. When I see pictures like this, it totally reinforces my belief that pretty girls only hang out with pretty girls.

Did the pootie offender see you take a picture of her awful shoes? What was she thinking???

london girl said...

What was this event for? To benefit something or other?

Y'all are delicious and doing your part to rid DC of its reputation for frumpiness. Cheers!

p.s. L's hair is fantastic!

callie said...

I wasn't at this event, but I saw you two weekends ago at the French Embassy soiree. Did you notice there were two girls there both wearing that Milly dress too? It's cute, I guess, but why is everyone wearing it?

Your haircut is tempting me like you wouldn't believe. I want it so bad!

tellin' it like it is said...

I love the dress but I can't say I feel the same way about your hair. I just don't think it's very flattering at all to your pretty face. That picture of you with the dog is especially bad. You look so shaggy and punky, not at all ladylike. You through off your whole look with that bad haircut.

brown rowergirl said...

you're definately borderline but I still think you look great. your friends both have gorgeous smiles -- take note, sulky Posh ;-)

Johanna said...


DC women have always been nice-looking. it's just that now we actually dress well, too. smart, ambitious and now stylish -- we're going to be a major force.

Atlantic Starr made my day as well. I've got it on repeat.


Thanks! And yes, that's "Hot Redhead Lawyer".

Atrocity doesn't even begin to describe those things. They made me want to hack her legs off at the ankles they were so awful.


thank you - and please, me give up gratuituous *anything*? not likely ;-)


This is so awkward. I don't know what to say...it just kind of happened, you know? You can't argue with the science of attraction.

brown bear '02-

my girls were the best dressed there, hands-down.


she is style personified. if I didn't like her so much, I'd totes be thinking of a way to steal her closet and her dog. And her condo.

anonymous 11:13-

Well, when I saw that the age group of this event was limited to those under 42, I knew I wasn't going to find any male companionship. The event was nice. Perfectly nice.


I have no idea where I learned to kohl my eyes...studying celebrities' eyes in magazines, I guess. Hilary Duff, Sienna and Scarlett are usually the ones I turn to for great eye makeup inspiration.

Burt = precious, indeed.

anonymous 11:45-

as far as I know she didn't see me, but frankly, I hope she does so she's shamed into never wearing them again.

london girl-

The event was centered around two photograph exhibits and held by the Corcoran's 1869 Society, which I believe is their "young professional" group.

L's hair *is* fantastic. I was impressed at how her side ponytail stayed in place all evening. Tres chic.


I have no idea why that particular dress is making the rounds in our city so often. I mean, I like it okaaay, but for $412, I can think of a lot cooler pieces in which I'd prefer to invest my money.

brown rowergirl-

I'm going to demand my colleagues refer to me as "sulky Posh" for the rest of the day. Love it.


curious said...

how do you get invited to these events? not you specifically but how does *one* get invited? I have a closet full of party dresses that don't get worn nearly enough!

Anonymous said...

Did you go braless in that dress? from the back it looks like you must have.

dara said...

I wish I could go braless in anything. You seem to have the perfect chest for that style - not too big, not too small. Keep that dress ALWAYS.

Have I seen your friend somewhere before? On Project Beltway maybe? She has a very distinct dramatic and arty way about her.

js said...

I agree with 'Curious'. I am experiencing severe ennui with the usual DC scene, and would love to go to more events like this. Any tips/resources would be much appreciated!

denver fan said...

If I'm a size 4, could I wear the M in the Geren Ford dress? Don't worry, I'm in Denver, not DC!

a fan said...

finally, we get to see you in a dress that isn't an advertisement for your legs! not saying they aren't nice (they're fine), but I think your strongest selling points are your upper body and your face. I clicked on that picture of you and L and close up, you really are a beautiful girl. and somewhere in there is a beautiful smile, I'm sure...

Anonymous said...

what shoes were you all wearing?

holiday said...

curious, I think Johanna must be a member of the 1789 society? It's the young donors group at the Corcoran Gallery. They do monthly events.

dc girl said...

Is that the McQueen Lip Glass your'e wearing? I was supposed to go the Fete but ended up staying in with a DVD. I'm so regretting that decision now.

Anonymous said...

You and your friends are all gorgeous, obviously. Your red-headed friend is absolutely beautiful. But that Lanvin number is a miss, in my book. The whole skin-tone (well, HER skin-tone) mesh-iness of it smacks of a figure skater and just looks off. Not to mention her choice in hosiery. I know I sould...well, critical...but again, I think SHE is beautiful, but that dress does not do her justice. A shame, too, because generally I adore Lanvin.

Anonymous said...

I find that to get a really great dark, smokey eye requires layers and layers of smudgeproof black liner and dark shadow on top of the liner. Nars has a good selection. It takes 20 to 30 minutes, patience, and half a dozen Q-tips. But the effect is worth it and can last all night.

lila m. said...

The Lanvin dress wasn't my favorite yesterday, but the more I look at it (click to see it close up), the more it's growing on me. It definitely takes the right person to pull it off. As lovely as our Editrix is, I don't think she would've looked as good in it as her friend. The other woman's dress is cute but not really a standout, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I think L's dress is tacky...and the shiny pantyhose that don't really match her skintone? Not so hot either. And the heavy black eyeliner all the way around the eyes is trying too hard. Too industrial.

And J doesn't look anorexic at all - what would look healthy - 10 lbs of flesh around her chest and shoulders? Come on now.

admirer said...

You all look stunning. I'm partial for sure, but I really do like your dress the most. It flatters you so well.

Candid Cool said...

so fabulously chic