12 November 2007

Gettin' booty (pt. II)

After months of sulking that cold weather might never arrive, here we now are, smack diddily-dab in the middle of glove wearing, cheek flushing, red Starbucks cup carrying temperatures.

In true grass-is-greener fashion, I'm already counting down the days until pool season '08, but in the frosty interim, let's continue to look fashionable, shall we?

Due to overwhelming "we need more!" demand, here is the follow-up to my first collection of Fall/Winter boots. This time, there will be no boot breakdown between "objectify me" and "take me seriously," because frankly, the jig is up -- I think you know which group I included solely to preempt the "but heels hurt" pity-partying for which I no longer have even a shred of patience.

Nope, this time around, you'll find nothing to mollify your pocket-man boyfriend's insecurity, just lots and lots of tall, skinny-heeled almond-shaped boots in luscious suedes and sleek matte leathers.


Point platform boots by KG
(£160 at asos.com)
Sass suede boot by Dolce Vita
($132 at pinkmascara.com)
Knee-high dress boots by Pedro Garcia*
($345 at zappos.com)
Decorum suede boot by Via Spiga
($350 at piperlime.com)
Zulli boot by Max Studio**
($299 at dillards.com)
Sizzling boot by Steve Madden
($119.96 at stevemadden.com)
Denise boot by BCBGirls
($138.95 at endless.com)
York-9 boot by Dolce Vita*
Radcliffe boot by Max Studio
($298.95 at nordstrom.com)
Darrline boot by Steve Madden
($79.95 at nordstrom.com)
*your Editrix's top picks

**this pair is so lovely, I had to include them again


Anonymous said...

The max studio boots are so elegant. Two questions: why must you taunt me by putting the price of the first, lovely, pair in pounds, so I get this close to pulling out my credit card before realising I have to multiply 160 by 2?! Second, what boots will you be rocking this season - are we allowed to see?

another johanna addict said...

ooh i've been eyeing grey suede boots and the dolca vitas look just right, and affordable! what would one wear with them? a black dress and black tights? over blue jeans? do you think they're too impractical?

Jenn said...

From personal experience, the Max Studio boots are to die for!Everyone must buy a pair!

etcetera said...

so does this mean it's ok to buy synthetic?

Johanna said...

anonymous 9:19-

I know, I know, I tend to forget about the exchange rate myself. My boots are a tight-lipped secret. I'll probably wear them to the 11/29 event, though...so you can see them there if you're really inclined :-)


I think you could a lot with the grey suede boots, everything from wearing them over jeans like you suggested to pairing them with sweater dresses and tweed minis. If I hadn't spent so much on my black pair, I'd totes be investing in grey suede. Get them!


I have no problem with high-quality *looking* synthetic boots. With large calves, I know the difficulty in buying a no-give zip-up pair.


N said...

Gray is the new black. I have a pair of gray suede flats and and a pair of gray patent pumps and am wearing them a lot more than my black shoes this season.

Anonymous said...

You are a runner, and have runners calves - do you ever have a problem fitting your calves into tall boots? My calves are muscular from the elliptical/running and I have problems fitting them in sometimes - so frustrating when there are such pretty boots out there!

Johanna said...

Anonymous 4:48-

I definitely have this problem, and considering that I bought my boots right at the end of my marathon training - i.e., when my calves are the size of small watermelons - I have some authority when it comes to the issue of squeezing into boots. When I first bought my boots, I had the entire staff at Saks (no joke) working to get that zipper up. It took a pair of Spanx trouser socks (they suck your calves in just like their bodyshapers suck your body in), one gentleman on the zipper, one woman holding the zipper track as close together as possible, and another woman literally pushing my calf muscle as far in as her petite hands could muster. I actually had bruising from the experience.

But eventually, the more I walked around in them in my apartment, the more the leather stretched out and molded to my legs. Now, I simply zip 'em up. Granted, my calves have shrunk a bit, but still, don't discount a pair of dream boots simply because they seem too tight in the beginning. Practice, practice, practice.

Just like heels :-)


Anonymous said...

Any recs for people with very thin legs? My bf doesn't like the gap between the leg and boot.