15 October 2007

The sidewalk-to-catwalk iMix (Vol. III)

Thanks to conscientious reader F, I didn't absentmindedly skip October's update of the always fun to piece together sidewalk-to-catwalk iMix as I did last month.

In its first two iterations, the S-t-C iMix was a thoughtfully put together group of five or six songs meant to add a spring to your lunchtime step, something to serve as an inspiration not to reach for those sturdy sneakers or easy flip-flops and instead strut your way up to the Cosi salad counter in true, stiletto-ed feminine form.

In this third installment, however, I've shaken things up by creating less of a heel-meets-pavement fem-empowerment collection and instead just cobbling together whatever it is I happen to be into right now, which, as you'll see below doesn't really make a whole lot of cohesive sense.

Without further ado, your peek inside my iPod...

"Gimme More" by Britney Spears

"The Look" by Roxette

"Groovejet (if this ain't love)" by DJ Spiller ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor

"Oh Sherry" by Steve Perry (aka "the voice")

"Do Anything" by Natural Selection

And even though this song doesn't have its own music video (its hook in the always-on-TV American Gangster trailer doesn't really count), it still holds down the sixth and final track of my latest S-t-C collection.


16th streeter said...

I haven't heard "Do Anything" since about 1994. Good call!

Maxie said...

omgosh I haven't heard "The Look" or "Oh Sherry" in forever. Very nice :-) They gave me a little bit more energy for the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering what that song was from the AG trailer! Awes.

intern in the city said...

iTunes doesn't have "do anything" :-(

sarahsouth said...

how i miss you, lite 105

Candid Cool said...

i must admit the britney song is pretty catchy.
and aint no love, ah...i remember when i used to be a hiphop fan & loved the blueprint record, i remember that & renegade being some of the best songs on that album