23 August 2007

The sidewalk-to-catwalk iMix (Vol. II)

There's something pretty powerful about a fantastic new haircut.

Not only did my new pixie-short locks inspire an impromptu makeup routine change this morning - instead of my longstanding tradition of a mascara double-coat on top and bottom, I opted for an office-appropriate version of this look with my lower lashes left bare but a thin, dark swipe of black liner up top from extra drama - but it also brought about in me an unforeseen desire - no, need - to change the songs to my soundtrack.

Yes, my soundtrack.

For a solid two months now, if you can recall, my 'on the street' playlist has included sexy rock-pop songs like "Baby did a bad thing," "Sharp Dressed Man" and "Downtown"; this morning, however, as I sauntered down M St. in a red and black scribble-printed long-sleeved wrap dress, Glock-19-lapel-pin-adorned khaki swing trench and black round-toed patent leather slingbacks, something got a hold of me and midway through "Panama" led my right index finger to do something it's never done before: create what was literally an 'On-the-Go' iMix.

In the spirit of all things changing as of late, here is my new sidewalk-to-catwalk soundtrack (as with the last one, this set of songs is best enjoyed when at a 3.5-4.5 inch elevation):

"Cradle of Love" by Billy Idol

"Personal Jesus" (Marilyn Manson)

"Sabatoge" by The Beastie Boys

"Barracuda" by Heart

"Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears

And strangely enough...

"Ignition" (remix) by R. Kelly

Oh, and here is photographic evidence of the haircut, sans the usual self-indulgent self-analysis:


Anonymous said...

Nice! Where's the top from? Its as hot as the haircut!

Noelle said...

You look adorable AND sexy at the same time. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Really? You think it's flattering? I think she looks kinda mannish. Just my opinion. Oh and I'm a guy, not a jealous girl or anything.

Diggin' the Marilyn Manson and Beastie Boys songs, tho...thanks for the flashback!

Kiki said...

Oooo Sabotage is one of my all-time favorite strutting songs!

Looove the haircut. You're motivating me to chop mine!

Anonymous No More said...

Ow! Ow!

I. Love. It.

See you soon!

Johanna said...

anonymous 12:47-

Thanks! The top is from Club Monaco, and I'd wager it's still there as I only picked it up three weekends ago. The back is completely open in a deep plunge cowl-neck.


Really? That's EXACTLY the look I always try to achieve: sexy-cute. Some days it works and some days...mmmm, not so much.

anonymous 12:49-

Eh, you win some people's favor, you lose some people's -- thanks for your honesty. And I'm glad I could jog your music memory with my new playlist! I have Marilyn's new song ("Heart Shaped Glasses") on there, too, but the vid is, how do I say...slightly too "adult" for my R-rated blog. Evan Rachel Wood, as everyone told me in my post about her last week, looks like a dream in those plastic shades. Yummers.


Anonymous said...

What inspired the new cut? Were you unhappy with the last one? I think it looks great! But I still don't know if I like it better than your original victoria/katie cut.

holiday said...

Any recs on black eyeliner? I'm trying to decide between Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and the new clinique one. Pencil gives me raccoon eye.

Bold new haircut Johanna. I always severely regret shorter locks, so I'm sticking with my long hair for now.

K said...

*LOVE* the fringe, babe.

Johanna said...


Sabatoge has everything: humor, a fantastic beat and an undenaible nostalgic quality. One of my faves, too.


Short-hair club! Short-hair club! As I wrote to you earlier, we's gonna rock all the boys' worlds once we're finally reunited!

anonymous 1:05-

your opinion is probably the most common among my friend: "cute, but...why?"

Frankly, I was girl-crushing SO HARD on that Swedish chick (and her cut) from The Sartorialist that I finally said to myself, "you know what, just DO IT." So I did. And me likey.


for liner, I'm a drugstore girl. I've always been happy with either Revlon or Maybelline. Right now I'm using hte latter's "Unstoppable" in onyx. Very smooth tip and almost feels like a hybrid of a pencil/liquid pen.


You like my fringe, huh? Now who's got the British bug?

Tee-hee :-)

thanks, babe. We missed you last night. Like ah-loht.

must eat lunch,

capitulatenow said...

I concur, re: the cuteness of the hair and the awesomeness of Sabotage.

I had to leave the office an hour ago, just so I could strut around to MIA's new album for a couple blocks. Hiiiiiighly recommended as a walk-to-work soundtrack, for real.

Lindsay said...

Since you are on the topic of music, what are some of your favorite running songs? I am training for a half marathon (my first!) and I am getting really bored with my music. Any suggestions to refresh my running mix are appreciated!

tom h said...

Jo the new cut looks great.....you are so pretty..(sigh)

Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVE your haircut. way to go, J!

EJ Takes Life said...

Love the haircut! I would kill to be able to pull off a pixie. It'll give just the right cheekiness to all the structured clothes floating around this fall.

dara said...

I would love eye makeup tips! Your eyes look FABulous!

dara said...

oh and I love MM's rendition of that song. Very catchy.

brown rowergirl said...

Very Selma Blair!

Sarah said...

You went all the way! I think I prefer the last version, but this is flattering too.

Dave said...

Okay, first of all I never got the "you were right I was wrong Dave, I can rock really short hair." I just hate being corrected when it turns out I'm right.

Second, I don't if I'm right! I told you that you could totally do that Elisha Cuthbert cut and this cut is even shorter. The problem is that none of these pics show it off well. You totally rocked the Katie-Holmes-cum-Audrey-Tautou 'do and I said so. I'm reserving judgement here.

And I have high expectations of your writing. The last two cuts produced entertaining stories. This one you just glossed over.

Anonymous' comment makes me laugh. As Johanna's hair gets shorter, she gets hotter. Too bad I'm all the way across the country...

freckledk said...

It really does look fantastic, Johanna. Those cheekbones!

I'm missing my short hair. I used to have a pixie, followed by a few years sporting a Meg Ryan shag, and then grew it all out. But your new 'do is causing me to crave a serious chop.

Johanna said...


(bowing and blushing)

You were right.

thank you for your kind words,

Anonymous said...

everyone who loves/likes you is going to tell you how fabulous and hot you look. i don't know you so i can be brutally honest (for your own good!)- straight up, you look like a dyke. the funny thing is, the last time i went to the hairdresser, i got a bob after years of long hair, and i was contemplating getting a really short pixie haircut the next visit. i can see you went in the same direction. the only thing stopping me is the fear of looking butch. your pictures have only confirmed my reservations.
not to worry, at least you're still thin!

Elliott said...

I don't know you, I have no reason to flatter nor insult you, and from a completely objective MARRIED male perspective, your haircut looks wonderful. You don't look the least bit like a dyke (the woman who wrote the previous comment must have been joking or drunk had a vendetta against you) and as Dave said earlier, the shorter your hair gets, the more beautiful you look. Few women can chop it all off and achieve that. You can. Keep the cut.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new job! You totally deserve it. Hope you'll keep up your blog. I'd love to read more:)