15 October 2007

I heart DC Style, pt. III

To those who read my blog regularly, it won’t come as a surprise that I luh-luh-love this over-the-top look* from Lanvin’s Spring/Summer ’08 ready-to-wear collection.

As I often say, the more dramatic the neckline, the more straight-legged the trouser, the more challenging the heel-height, and the more neutral the color palette the better.

This is not to infer that wearing this shoulder-baring, asymmetric ruffled blouse, high-waisted black cigarette pant and six-inch stacked-heel patent peep-toe ensemble in a professional setting would earn my approval, however, because even though I favor statement pieces like these, I favor even more the adherence to a prim, ladylike aesthetic when it comes to dressing for the office.

While the outfit may work for a holiday party at the Hay Adams or opening night of Don Giovanni at the Kennedy Center, there is no way even the most model-like woman in the most fashion-forward industry in this city could wear these three components to work on a Tuesday morning and get away with it, stare-free.

So how can we Boardroom-ify this lovely Lanvin look?

Up top, select a neckline with a less voluminous ruffle, a sleeve that flatters your upper-arms and a cut that doesn’t expose great swaths of skin like this belted blouse from Rebecca Taylor ($203 at shopbop.com)

On bottom, opt for a pair that either have the high-waist like these from Anthropologie or the skinny pant leg like these 'Domini' skinny trousers from Theory ($305 at saks.com). Unless you have a lithe, 5’9” or taller frame, drawing attention to both the waist and the legs through fitted silhouettes is a risky choice.

For footwear, as difficult as it is for me to move away from the peep-toe, a closed round-toe pump in matte leather like this 'Marais' pump from Max Studio ($120 at lorisdesignershoes.com) is your best bet, both because the cooler temperatures we’re experiencing as of late demand it and because you’ve already cashed in your showpiece chips with the ruffle detailing in the blouse and the trendy cut of the trousers; go simple with the shoes and let the rest of your outfit earn the attention it deserves.

My last bit of advice, if you do opt for the skinny trouser, is to pair it with a blouse that is meant to be worn over the waistline, not tucked in and cinched with a belt. This will allow more women, even those who wake up and feel a “fat day” coming on, to rock this look with confidence.

For the DC Style version of this post, head on over to my little corner of their style blog...

*photograph taken from Style.com


Anonymous said...

I like your outfit much more than the original. That blouse is too clownlike for my taste.

dara said...

I got those shoes the last time you featured them on here and I LOVE them! girls, go out and get a pair right this instant!

dc girl said...

thank you for providing both. this one is much more "you," but I'm sure you know that ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with dc girl. this is so much better than the shorter version.

1000TonyRomoDJs said...

You can't boardroomify Lanvin! if you're going for the look, go for it, don't water it down..

Johanna said...


If I had the funds to do so, I certainly wouldn't "water down" Lanvin (though I would argue I'm taking a more practical approach to a very formal look, which is not technically "watering down," but whatever) but until that day arrives, I'm going to have improvise and draw inspiration from Albaz and my other favorite RTW designers.


laura_m said...

I don't think you've watered anything down. On the contrary, I think you took an impractical look (the blouse anyway) and made it everyday and every-woman* friendly while still maintaining a very chic aesthetic.

*Every woman who can get away with wearing skinny trousers, that is!