02 October 2007

A penchant to go a-trenchin'

Before I introduce you to the selection of under-$200 trenches no fewer than eight of you have requested from me in the past week, let me first apologize and offer an explanation for my recent unannounced leave of absence.

You see, last Friday after work, I allowed myself to be convinced by Jennifer to kibosh my plan to switch from OPI's 'Midnight in Moscow' back to the old standby 'Black Onyx' and instead try the (for me) very daunting, very seemingly iridescent purplish-blue 'Russian Navy'. As soon as that second coat dried and I received the all-important 'yes, now you can go' nod from Ms. F, however, every last doubt I had in rocking the luxe deep-blue vanished.

'Cause. It. Is. The. Sh*t.

But as is usually the case, with every blessed style discovery brings with it a burden to shoulder. From the moment I exited PIAF's double doors four days ago, I've had so many on-the-street compliments to field and so many "Could you write that name - Russian what was it?' - down?" pleads to indulge that I simply collapsed into an I'm-taking-a-long-weekend heap on the couch and did abso-toot-ley nothing but drink cans of Diet Sunkist and watch on-repeat episodes of the new season of "Lockup San Quentin: Extended Stay" on MSNBC.

Okay fine, I was really in Ohio for three days and too busy eating pumpkin cookies smothered in caramel icing, laughing my ladybits off in Superbad and kickin' ass in the 'fastpitch softball' batting cage to think about much else.

But for serious, I did get a lot of compliments, including one from patter-downer LaShonda at the airport in Dayton who even insisted, post-patdown, I paint her pinky nail so she could see the in-the-bottle-versus-on-the-nail difference for herself.

Oh, and yes, that is a Monte hair, like a feather plume, proudly perched in between the first and second folds of my peep-toe's satin rosette. It's like I always tell him right before a separation, be he in the care of good friends L, M, H or, as he was this weekend, the watchful staff in the rolling hills of his private pet sanctuary, baby boy is always still right here (patting heart) with Mommy.

Without any further random tangents, here, dear readers, are your coats. Your trenchcoats:

Satin trench ($138 at victoriassecret.com)*
Puff-sleeve trench by Tulle ($98 at styleviolet.com)
Floral-lined trench by Priorities ($158 at southmoonunder.com)
Double-breasted trench by Ben Sherman ($184 at southmoonunder.com)
Drop-sleeve trench (£85 at topshop.com)
Trench with bubble hem ($69.99 at target.com)
Swing skirt trench by French Connection ($141 at amazon.com)
Alden trench by G by Guess ($79.50 at amazon.com) English trench coat ($49 at forever21.com)
Gala trench by Soia & Kyo ($196 at tobi.com)*
Belted trench with zip liner by London Fog ($158 at nordstrom.com)
*your Editrix's top picks


not impressed said...

You have FUGLY hands!

Johanna said...

Not impressed-

Hmmm...usually my hands look pretty uh-mazing (it's the constant moisturization), but I guess the two hour batting-cages marathon on Sunday probably had something to do with their fugly appearance in this picture (taken earlier today).

Or, it could just be that I you're right and I *do* have "fugly hands." Dunno.


Kiki said...

I switched to Siberian Nights (super dark purple) this weekend and I am OBSESSED.

Love the trenches, too. :)

Sassy said...

thanks for the adorable coats...just what i needed! i actually just bought a really cute cropped trench from nordstrom juniors to rock as a blazer to work on those wierd hot-at-lunch days.

i just had an especially fruitful shopping trip to richmond va, if i get around to taking pics i will definitely share!

Anonymous No More said...

I have a bright baby blue kenneth cole trench that I love but I'm hesitant to wear it now because it is so "springy." Am I crazy?

whateves said...

i love the color, the ring, and the shoes. i want to make it clear, i'm a J supporter.

BUT on the same polish on the toes and on the fingers? the matching mani-pedi is soooo out. it's like matching your lipstick to your purse. maybe i'm just a fan of contrast.

anyhoo, keep on keeping on sister.

Anonymous No More said...

Oh yes, the trench is treated cotton if that makes a difference in your all mighty opinion.

holiday said...

I am still majorly in love with OPI Light My Sapphire. I think I still like the London Fog Coat best. I'm going to have to run to Nordstrom's next week to try it on.

Johanna said...


Huh, the matchy-matchiness of same-color mani/pedi never really bothered me. I'm intrigued by your point, though, and will take into advisement next time I head in for a treatment.


manhattan_darling said...

That ring is BEAUTIFUL! Where did you get it??

i think you're brilliant said...

Love the shoes to bits - where are those from, sister?

And I really want a red trench this season...thanks for posting so many to choose from!

And to whateves, is it considered "out" if I have clear or light pink on both my toes and fingers? Seems like a silly rule.

laura_m said...

Love the Soia & Kyo coat.

K said...

Love that you included a Target coat - and a surprisingly upscale-looking one at that!

There's always room in the wardrobe for a Target piece or two. Right next to the DvFs. ;)

holiday said...

To anyone considering the London Fog jacket, my friend has it and she says it runs huge. Just as an FYI. I'm sure I've been vanity-sized out of wearing it.

whateves said...

i think you're brillant -

clear is not a color. light pink on both - i see what you're saying but like i said before, i am fan of contrast.

and fashion is all about silly rules. it's the reason why we can all argue, er, discuss it!

Anonymous said...

your hands *do* look a little beat in this picture, but the difference between 'not impressed' and me is that i respect you for your willingness to show the world you aren't as perfect as you sometimes try to come off. more flaws, please!

Anonymous said...

i tried that russian navy and it stained my fingernails.

Anonymous said...

i don't care what anyone says or what the trend is, matching is always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Russian Navy stained my nails too, but that's ok because I immediately covered it with two coats of Midnight in Moscow.


Johanna said...

Anonymous 4:43/N-

Interesting, because I wore Black Onyx for 16 months straight and didn't have any staining issues. Do you use a basecoat? I usually double up when I'm using dark colors like these - maybe that's the difference.

*Or* perfect lil' ol' me might just have perfect nails ;-)


Anonymous said...

Of course I use a basecoat! I will try doubling up next time, though. I'd hate for some stranger to tell me I have stained, busted nails.


AY said...

Yay coats! Thanks so much!!!

brown rowergirl said...

Picked up the French Connection one - last one in my size! Woot! WHOOOT!

You went to the batting cages without me??? You bitch.

jf said...

I've been reading for a while and thoroughly enjoying - and inspired to dress better in grad school than, yes, when I had a serious job.

I am not tiny (size 10 torso) and I read somewhere that larger frames ought to eschew double-breasted jackets - but I really like a lot of the double-breasted styles you posted. Any advice?

jessica said...

Love the blog and love posts like this one. The only thing missing is a NEW picture of that adorable dog of yours! I'm kicking myself for not using that Tobi 25%-off coupon last week, but I think I'll still get that Soia & Kyo trench in black. It's fantazmical!

Anonymous said...

(i'm the one who said russian navy stained my nails)
i get them done at the manicurist and they always use a basecoat, and it didn't really matter for me, either because i followed it with midnight in moscow and now am sporting which way, black that i love, it just goes with everything and looks so sharp with black. the manicurist told me that other clients experienced the same staining....it just happens with certain colors. it was all good because i couldn't really get down with the blue nails anyway, just wasn't me. i loved an affair in red square, though. got tons of compliments on it.

Anonymous said...

oops, i meant to say witch way

Monte's Dogsitter said...

For Jessica and other Monte lovers, his latest photo shoot is available at:


not a fashion queen said...

I think it may come across as too matchy matchy is because in the photo you are standing on blue carpet and wearing a ring with a blue stone. Perhaps if you showed the nails with a neutral palate with better lighting you would get a more positive response.

Along the lines as to what JF said, I shy away from the double breasted styles. I am rather top heavy which makes double breasted look dumpy on my body style. I personally like the color and fabric of the Victoria's Secret jacket, but I don't like the pocket placement on the Victoria's Secret trench. They just don't seem to be in the right place.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Monte photoshoot just blew my mind with cuteness. I really liked the action shots! Thanks dogsitter!

Anonymous said...

I think I would like that color for "about town" wear, but I just don't think there is any way that blue nails can be passed off in a Washington workplace as either professional or appropriate.

Love the ring, though!

AY said...

I bought the Soia & Kyo and just love it. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a trench with a bit of sass.

Candid Cool said...

I like the victoria secret coat the best.