02 October 2007

A penchant to go a-trenchin' (coming later today)

You ask and I provide.

Later on today, expect an updated array of both traditional and showpiece versions of the ever elusive wardrobe essential that is the reasonably-priced trench.


m said...

I own this exact trench and it is awesome. I like to think that it is a good placeholder until my very own sugar daddy swoops in and provides me with the burberry trench.

holiday said...

Who makes the one in the photo? I really like it. I am really dying for a burberry trench as well. For now, I have an array of random brightly colored trench coats from other stores.

Johanna said...


It's London Fog and available at Nordstrom.com. But hold on! Wait until the post comes out to make your decision!


dara said...

Just saw the new Washingtonian and their list of Washington's 'Best Dressed.'

Seems to me there was a glaring ommission, not to mention some bizarre choices (eyeroll).

Can't wait for the trench post!

Anonymous said...

Saw that too and thought, "What????!!"