12 September 2007

What a difference a pair of textured sleeves make


I mean, really, wow.

In an exquisite Erdem bejeweled lace mini with scalloped neckline, tiered sleeves and keyhole back paired with simple black Louboutin round-toeds, Keira Knightly, last night at the the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of her upcoming release Silk, leaves me stunned and scratching my head.

For the first time in, oh I don't know, ever, I'm inclined to say the British beauty, who only a few days ago looked a whiter shade of death in a shredded Rodarte gown at the Venice Film Festival (see below), doesn't look to be in need of a nice long stay in the "middle aisles" at your local Safeway.

Judging from Ms. Knightley's previous, vehement-but-not-too-vehement-so-as-to-make-her-seem-defensive denials that she has an eating disorder, the fact that she was about this thin when she first entered the movie business and her recently forged association with an English organization whose primary goal is to improve self-esteem in young women, my guess is Keira's thinness isn't self-induced and that she just happens to be one of those individuals whose natural weight places her at a size zero.

What most intrigues me about Keira and her recent Chanel-heavy foray into fashion is not so much the choices she makes - some of which are divine, others not so much - but rather the dramatic effect these choices have on how she looks, physically.

To all those women who think they can't add curvage to their buh-dunk-a-dunk or distract attention away from their chunky-monkey muffin-top simply by wearing (or not wearing) certain cuts, fabrics and styles, I encourage you to take a tip or two from Keira, the queen bee of optical illusory dress.

Now, I know, I know you're probably thinking it's a lot easier for someone as thin as Keira to look a bit more rounded-out in the torso than it would be for someone of Queen Latifah's carriage to pull off a slim silhouette, and perhaps you're right (though the Asian women in my family might disagree with you), but the point I'm trying to make isn't lost -- clothes can make a difference.

For more of Ms. Knightley's self-made transformation from frail to fabulous, see below:


london girl said...

I must agree with you, she looks adorable in that first dress and dreadful in the second. Weird. But I'm not sure I buy her as a natural size zero...you're too generous there, Jo.

dc girl said...

Oooh that first dress is divine! Hope someone knocks it off for those of us who can't afford couture.

dara said...

Keira looks beautiful in the close-ups.

I think you're right, once she covers up her bony upper half, her frame actually looks quite decent. "Healthy" is a stretch, but certainly decent.

Anonymous said...

Help! I'm going to a tailgate at the Naval Academy next weekend (I didn't go there, I'm the date of graduate who is having his 5 yr reunion). It's supposed to be 75 and sunny. What do I wear? I don't want to look overdressed, but I need to look fabulous. Suggestions?

Candid Cool said...

Keira Knightley is just IT in my book. Her face is stunning in both pictures.