23 August 2007

10 Best Dresses of Summer '07

This post may not on the outset look like it would have taken much time to piece together, but believe me, the 10 dresses you see here - the 10 I'm presenting to you as the 10 'best' of Summer '07 - represent only a very wee fraction of the near 800 celebrity photos I've right-clicked and saved over the past two and two-thirds months.

For every photo of Jessica Alba in a gorgeous metallic sheath, I had to skip over five of Fergie sans makeup in a fedora with high-waisted purple skinny jeans; for every photo of Jennifer Lopez looking stunning in a Lanvin mini, I had to suffer through dozens of Cameron Diaz in a pair of don't-pity-me-I'm-"gorgeous" short shorts and seafoam green wrap-up-the-leg gladiator sandals.

Point is, when I finally finished making my cuts, it was late, my eyes hurt and frankly, I was taxed from the two trips to the salon it took Sayed to get my hair as close to this* as my half-Asian locks would allow. If you feel strongly one or more of these dresses doesn't belong among the ranks of the rest, you're just gonna have to ask me (after you berate me) for an explanation in the comments section.

And no, I did not pick Eva Mendes three times just to pick Eva Mendes three times.

In no particular order, here are my favorite celebrity dresses for the season that was Summer 2007 (I declared it over after the fourth straight day of needing a sweatshirt to walk Monte in the morning):

L.C. in a knit bubble dress by Lauren Conrad Collection
Jessica Alba in a metallic column gown by John Galliano for DiorMary-Kate Olsen in a kimono style dress by Elizabeth & James
Eva Longoria in a bib-front belted mini by Monique Lhuillier
Julia Stiles in a ruffle-trim shirt dress by Zac Posen
Jessica Alba in a metallic sheath by Dolce & Gabbana
Jennifer Lopez in a lantern-neck mini by LanvinEva Mendes in a floor-length strapless gown by Valentino
Eva Mendes in a sleeveless metallic sheath by Dolce & Gabbana
Eva Mendes in a one-shouldered Grecian gown by Alberta Ferretti

*photo courtesy of The Sartorialist


i think you're brilliant said...

Love them all! Lots of metallics!

Anonymous said...

Another haircut? Does the man in your life mind that you're looking more and more butch every week? Just curious.

Alisha said...

Butch? Anon 9:07, please.

Nobody should have to apologize for a cute/sassy/fun short haircut.

Johanna said...

Anonymous 9:07-

Good question. The thing is, though, no matter what I do with my hair, Monte would most likely voice dissent -- he's just never satisfied with anything I do with my appearance.

But I love him. I love him...and most of the time he treats me good. *Real* good.

bff in chicago said...

love the Eva Mendes dresses. She is the hotness! No haircut pics??

Noelle said...

I know there were dissenting opinions last time you posted the picture, but I still love, love, love that Lanvin mini on Jennifer Lopez. Absolutely stunning.

A new haircut??? Would you please, please, please post pictures?? I'm dying to see it.

brown bear '02 said...

What I would GIVE to have Eva's skin tone :(

london girl said...

OMG, love that Monte is in the background of your new profile picture! Girl, that hair is - in the vein of Miss Tyra - FIERCE!

Anonymous said...

I third the request for haircut photos. Monte just can't *not* be in a photo, can he?

Anonymous said...

The first Jessica Alba dress looks so uncomfortable, like it has not an inch to give. Unless you're a size 0 (which you're NOT), I'd stick to dresses like LC's. It would hide those masculine legs of yours much more effectively :)

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:47, you're a fool. I saw Johanna running through Dupont two nights ago (yes, I did stare for longer than would be considered polite) and she has great legs.

la fashionista said...

I agree with...I don't even know which anonymous about the first dress that Jessica Alba is in. It's far too matronly. In fact, looking at the second dress, it's almost as though she's trying to channel Jackie O. without being the least bit ironic. Jessica Alba is only 26, yet those dresses age her by thirty years.

I do, however, covet Lauren Conrad's dress.

YoYo in DC said...

LOVE the Zac Posen