03 August 2007

Scarlett at her scrum-diddily-umptious-est (pt. II)

The second tranche of Louis Vuitton adverts featuring Scarlett Johansson was released yesterday, and all I can say is, just like the first group, these six photos do absolutely nothing to bring me on-board the the LV popularity train.

The bags are gratuitously emblazoned with the looky-at-my-designer-baggy logo I so can't stand, the clothes - red patent trench and black schoolmarm-meets-Dita-von-Teese pumps aside - have a confusing mix of Gone With the Wind and Boogie Nights influences, and then there are those cumbersome chunky bangle bracelets -- not my thing, any of it.

But at the end of the day, you have that beautiful face, that copious cleavage and a breathstopping melange of sex kitten expressions.

ScarJo may not make me want to fork over $2,395 for a shearling-trimmed top-handle, but she sure has me reaching for the remote to watch (for the billionth time) the opening scene of Lost in Translation...


Lady Tiara said...

still can't stand LV either, but these ads are so much better than the first batch. i go back and forth on whether i think she's hot, but i love her look in these ads. the eye makeup is fantastic.

poser-hater said...

when i see someone wearing any of those bags with the little logos all plastered on them, the first thing i think is "poser-wannabe-tacky."

and the reason why this comes to mind is that a majority of the people with these logo bags are the type of people who:

a) can only afford one high-end item.
b) don't really know anything about fashion and say "hey, i might as well jump on the bandwagon"

i'm not saying there's anything wrong with not being able to afford luxury fashion accessories (hell i can't), but when you're wearing a $600 handbag with jeans from walmart, well, who are you trying to impress?

you did a post on this a little while back, didn't you johanna? where you wanted to rescue the handbag from an unfit mother?

Johanna said...

lady tiara-

I agree, they *are* better and the eye makeup *is* mindblowing, but still, I just can't seem to wrap my head around their concept and I find that wholly distracting.


couldn't agree with you more on the logo front. Tacky with a capital "T."

And yes, you're right, I did do a post on that many months ago. I believe the victim in question was a $3K Fendi Spy bag. Good memory!


nyc admirer said...

She is divine. So's the new pic of you.

Anonymous said...

the red trench is hot, everything else is crap. in my opinion, marc jacobs is the emperor's new clothes of fashion.
i totally agree with you on the logo thing, can't stand it. i was totally tempted to buy a louis vuitton bag when they had the cherry print, i would go to the lv store in copley and "visit" a small duffel style bag, but, alas, i couldn't get past the lv logo which i consider to be so obnoxious.