24 May 2007

Scarlett at her scrum-diddily-umptious-est

Once again making Lindsay Lohan look even more like the trash-nasty scrap of coked-up, thinks-a-girl-has-to-be-naked-to-be-sexy B&T she rightly is in her released-this-week supermodel attempt, Scarlett Johansson full-court-presses all us ladies into bi-curious submission in these hot-n-fresh pics from her second round of adverts as the current Louis Vuitton spokestemptress.

Frankly, I don't like the shoes, clothes or any of the oversized, logo-emblazoned luggage pieces, totes, doctor-bag-satchels or quilted-purses featured in either this or her preceding LV campaign, but I must say, Miz Scah-lett never did look better. Or whiter, coincidentally.

And I especially dig this second one below, where ScarJo is lying on what looks like a satin-cushion-covered inverted benchpress with the "Oh pooh, doesn't Daddy want me to finish showing him how I spent all his money this afternoon?" expression we all know and use on occasion.

None of these ads make any interpretive sense to me, but at a visceral level, I'm learning quite a bit about my deep-seeded appreciation for the non-gymrat female form.

Instead of the Bieltastic ass, perhaps I should alter my New Year's resolution and try instead to acquire an all-around - save for the blonde - ScarJo-liciousness. And yes, that is the simplest, 1+1=2, can't-be-broken-down-any-further description I can come up with.

Like I have to tell you -- enjoy.

First round of campaign snaps from earlier this year:


d said...

agreed... hated Lost in Translation...just didn't get it... But Scarlett is very 'real'...I like her..

this is really not something you've been talking about but are you as up to date about the latest gadgets too?

Am choosing between getting a PalmTreo or Blackberry...or not...

Johanna said...


I actually LOVED "lost in translation"! Watch it again. Give it a second chance.

and on the gadget front, I'm not an expert, but I am a very dissatisfied Treo customer. In 3 years, I've had to replace mine 4 times due to various malfunctions. And in talking to others who have the same model (650) and the 700, I'm not alone. Every Blackberry owner with whom I've spoken loves theirs, so that's where I'm going in October, when my second 2-year deal is up.

thanks for your comments!

intern in the city said...

Scarlett is supposed to be a mega-bitch, but that kind of makes me like her more. At least she doesn't try to be Brittany Murphy saccharin sweet.