06 July 2007

Oh god, YES.

Celebrities really do have it good.

Not only do they get to experience the sorts of vacations most of us only read about when we break down and buy an issue of Travel+Leisure at the airport, but they also get a whole lot of free shit.

Free sunglasses, free premium denim, free makeup, free Giuseppi Zanotti resort sandals -- even free custom-made Vivienne Westwood cocktail dresses.

For those of you who share my eye and a magnet-like mind for useless celebrity trivia, you'll recognize right away Dita von Teese's stunning, perfectly-draped-over-her-perfect-body red satin frock as an incarnation of the original runway version in a nude, matte-silk crepe Hilary Duff wore - and I fawned over at exhaustive length - last March.

I love the red lips and nails and how strikingly they offset the burlesque performer's signature Geisha-white skin and jet-black locks, but the shoes, I must admit, were not a Dita-worthy selection. I understand the whole throwback-to-a-different-era look after which she's going, but matchy-matchy then worked about as well as matchy-matchy now.

In short, badly.

Plus, with a shoulder-baring cut such as the one she's donning, an open-toed shoe is nothing if not required, especially given yesterday's 90-degree Manhattan heat.

Next time Dita, just remember you're a celebrity and are expected to indulge in the you-ask-they-give arrangements for which your greedy and beautiful brethren are widely known.

Were I you, I'd have your people ring the Brian Atwood people post-haste.


inowpronounceyou said...

I could look at Dita von Teese in a potato sack...and then I remember that she was married to Marilyn Manson and I get all icked out.

brown rowergirl said...

she's delectable and the dress is to DIE FOR.

'frisco guy said...

so good to have you back, darling! Dita, the peep toe shoe, the writing - it's all making my day that much brighter :)

denver fan said...

not crazy about the dress but it's such a relief to have you and your caustic sense of humor back in my daily routine.

intern in the city said...

look at you playing Mac Mommy on Project Beltway...you certainly do have good taste. He's the gorgeousness!

Anonymous said...


An interview with Dita von Teese I thought you might enjoy

Anonymous said...

the URL didn't copy paste properly. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video

Johanna said...


Thank you for this! I lurve Miss Dita to death!