27 March 2007

Best non-black dress of 2007

I wish I could start this post by mocking how uncomfortable Hilary Duff must have felt on TRL yesterday afternoon when she was guest-hosting and found out on the air that her ex-boyfriend and current Nicole Richie flame Joel Madden was performing, but you know what, truth be told, I like Miss Duff. I always have, even when she wasn't a size-2 brunette and even before I found out she was still a virgin.

So instead of subjecting the questionably talented but ever endearing singer/actress to a series of snarky put-downs, I'm going to focus on this gorgeous strapless nude Vivienne Westwood confection with structured draping at the neck and hemlines she wore to the 18th Annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Media Awards last night at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City.

I'm not at all convinced Hilary's petite 5'1" frame and middling A-cup are the ideal height and chest size for maximizing the elegance and sexiness of this dress, but as I do with most Hollywood fashion statements, I tend to remove the actress, singer or gold-digging opportunist from the equation and instead imagine the ensemble on yours truly.

I'm also removing from my fantasy the tacky Beyoncé-esque accessories Hilary('s stylist) has chosen to complement her dress. The frisbee-sized enamel with inlaid diamond hollowed hoop earrings, stack of diamond bangles and pageanty Miu Miu t-straps with crystal adornments take her from what could have been a young Diane Lane to a trying-to-hold-on-too-hard-to-her-20s Goldie Hawn. In short, all that bling, ironic as it may sound, cheapens the sophistication of the dress.

I do approve, however, of the rock star bangs with low ponytail and her pillbox Leiber clutch, both of which are understated, unique, and add a dose of youthful texture to the overall look.

Let Nicole have him, sweetie, you've got the dress -- you win.


bff in chicago said...

That is a gorgeous dress, and I am 100% with you on those earrings and shoes. WTF?

a fan said...

She's starting to look less anorexic, thank god. I would've preferred this dress in another color, black probably, but it's still pretty damn nice.