13 May 2007

The ultimate Mom

Mom, I love you dearly and I sincerely thank you for putting up with all my if-you-don't-let-me-see-him-I'll-get-a-B+-on-my-German-quiz threats, for nine straight years of monthly care packages, and of course, for that whole unconditional love and always-being-there-for-me thing. That being said, I have to admit, if I could create the perfect Mom, the Mom who I think really deserves a day all to herself, it would be a hybrid of the tirelessly devoted mothers - and their most defining maternal qualities - featured below:

Dina Lohan's modesty
Melanie Griffith's sound judgment
Courtney Love's temperance
Victoria Beckham's natural beauty

Britney Spears' put-them-first dedication

Ladies, you inspire me.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Brit's orbs are disgusting. She makes Paris look attractive.

knew you as hannie, too said...

I don't think anyone in that post has real boobs.* Maybe Kelly Preston, but after reading that linked-to post, I don't even consider her worthy of the benefit of the doubt.

*Not that there's anything wrong with that...