10 May 2007

Quote of the day: Angelina Jolie

Reader's Digest: "Do you and Brad ever have a conflict or a fight? "

Angelina: "No, not really. [But] we’ll get into issues about global events or something that was just on the news."

Okay fine, it might be a tad highfalutin of the Shark Tale and Original Sin actress to imply the only negativity in Brad's and her relationship involves differing views on refugee camp logistics and clean water initiatives, but still, LOOK AT THEM, if that quote is even half true, it's just one more reason to fantasize about slipping into that relationship "Girls-Next-Door"-style.

And no, I wouldn't be Kendra -- I'm a Holly all the way.


Noelle said...

As hot as these two are, I don't believe for a moment that they never fight (with the exception of debates over world issues, of course)!

Johanna said...

I don't either, Noelle. And what an annoying thing for her - or anyone - to say.

She could have at least said something like, "We fight over who gets to be on top" or "we fight over who gets to choose that night's 'adult' entertainment," but world affairs and news? Come on now.

Give your fans what they want!

Anonymous said...

I want them to succeed, but I have a feeling they'll be broken up by Christmas.

She's just too much woman for any one man - even Brad.

sarahsouth said...

come on, now! you know brad and angelina are way too young for you... even with their ages combined

Johanna said...


Only a fellow Pisces with an ear for adult contemporary music (and of course, Delilah) who lived in Emery Hall from '98-'99 would know me well enough to make that point.

I'm onto you...