10 May 2007

MassAve chic

Since I started this blog back in December, I've been meaning to pay closer attention to the walkers-home - or more specifically, what the walkers-home are wearing - while I scamper Asics-style up and down MassAve chasing Oprah's 4:29:20 and burning off countless handfuls of Hershey's miniatures, at least three-inches of half-n-half and whatever non-vegetable topping (I allow myself one) I added to my Cosi salad that day.

Well, today, finally, I'm going to make good on that promise.

In between giving Dick my best Yasmine-Bleeth-running-in-slow-mo-on-the-beach impression when I pass by the Naval Observatory (he might see me, one day...) and carefully avoiding tripping (again) over that homeless dude on a hunger strike in front of the Sudanese consulate, I will take enough mental notes to prepare something good and juicy for you all.

And yes, I actually do have all three "Baywatch" themes - Save me (Peter Cetera/Bonnie Raitt), I'm always here (Jimi Jamison) and I'll be ready (Naughty Boy & Sunblock) - in a "Baywatch"-block on my training iMix as inspiration to nail that intense-eye-contact, heaving-bosom jog-past.

You know you'd watch it if it was still on the air.


west coast devotee said...

You stupid beeyotch, you promised you were going to take "at least 2 weeks off" before running again.

They don't make Proenza Schouler knee braces, you know.

Johanna said...

Yeah, I know, I lied. What of it?

On an entirely different subject, there is a seriously good Frontline documentary on right now on Meth labs. You should check it out when it airs on West Coast time.

And Proenza Schouler would make a knee brace for me, if I needed it. I'll get there one day.

west coast devotee said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you, there's no one else above you? You filled my heart with gladness...okay, enough of that.

You and your hotness and your stupid meth documentaries. Why can't you just be a little less intriguing, huh?

a fan said...

Did you hear Dick might be implicated in the DC Madam "scandal"?

Looks like he's into it...you just might get your chance!