05 May 2007

A big *duo xie* to B & P

In case you hadn't noticed, after four and a half months, 683 posts, at least 80 references to the dangers of denim-on-denim, comfort sport sandals and square-toed heels, 60 thinly-veiled allusions to my sapphic desire for Monica Bellucci and more than a few shout-outs to John Seigenthaler and the "Doc Block" team at MSNBC, I finally got myself a proper header.

Don't let its simple design fool you -- this mother'effer took a good number of hours and an entire red-team effort to complete.

To B, thank you for your keen photographic eye, the impressive mega-pixelage of your camera and your helpful passive-aggressive "No header yet, huh?" prodding.

And to P, thank you for your photoshopping wizardry, your patience in dealing with my demanding meticulousness, and most of all, thank you for counseling me against superimposing a semi-obscured photo of myself peeking out one of the windows in nothing but boyshorts and a smile. I still don't get why you didn't voice your concerns before we did the photoshoot, but whatever.

Enjoy the new look, and be sure to drop me a comment if you have any suggestions for improvement.


Anonymous said...

I say re-think the picture in the window idea. At least let us see it and vote on it!

Noelle said...

Looks great Johanna!

brown bear '02 said...

Love the new look!