05 April 2007

Rosario and Rose -- *almost* perfect.

There's nothing I don't love about the concept of this cover.

Ammo-belt dresses? Check.

Hot naked brunettes with come-hither expressions? Check.

Hot naked brunettes' asses touching ever so slightly? Check.

The words "bad girls" placed on-level with their lady-bits? Check.

Token NOT hot female listed so as not to piss off the fat chicks? Check.

Perfect, right?

Actually, not quite...

With all the liberties magazine editors have taken lately to make ugly less so on their covers (see examples one, two and three), couldn't they have done a little bit more to make circa-2007 Rose McGowan look a little more circa-2000 Rose McGowan? I know she got in some kind of car accident a few months ago that wonked up her eye - and apparently shaved off half her body weight - but really, this was the best shot of her from the roll?

I thought I was looking at a picture of Rosario Dawson back-to-back with the VHS cover of Mommy Dearest until I put my glasses on.

I'm just praying Rose's facial deterioration isn't the result of some witch-spell Marilyn Manson cast on her when she left his ass back in 2001. Not because I give a whit about her, but because I fear for my precious Dita.


Anonymous said...

In that older picture of Rose, with her makeup and everything, I think she looks like a blowup doll, With her new look, she has some more life in her and looks like a porn star.
Rosario makes the cover!

P.S. That Kelly Clarkson link you have in there is SCARY!

a fan said...

Ammo-belt dresses...mmmm...