17 April 2007

Found me some serious leg competition

Jennifer Connelly, you've SO just been demoted. Give my best to Charlize and J.Lo on JV, and be kind when you tell Giselle she's been bumped down to Cameron-level club league.

Why all the sudden movement in the hot-legs hierarchy?

Two words: Carrie Underwood.

I don't watch "American Idol" and I don't listen to country music, but after seeing Carrie Underwood's tremendous legs in short-shorts and heels for the second time - I incorrectly assumed their debut at last year's AMAs (pictured above) was a fluke - I have no choice but to recognize that I have definitely encountered some hardcore leg competition. And frustratingly, from a genuinely oh-golly-gee kind of woman who claims to have earned hers through "eating pizza," "walking and stuff," and "exercising when [she] can."

If with that regiment she's able to get pins that look so good she can rock the ankle-strap without looking stocky, I'd hate to see how sick they'd look if she were the one preparing for yet another post-work 9 miler up the never-ending hill that is Massachusetts Avenue.

Sure, it's disappointing to see proof of my inadequacy in one area - this area, in particular - but the timing is fortuitous, because I've just about achieved my goal of the Biel-tastic bah'um and have been looking for some time to replace that other just-not-gonna-happen goal of being a nicer, less judgmental person.

Enjoy below a few more pics of yet another pair of ZZ-Top-video-worthy, perfectly slender, perfectly toned, born-and-bred-in-the-great-state-of-Oklahoma legs:


bff in chicago said...

She has you beat, Jo. Hate to admit it, but those are the best legs I've ever seen. Giselle and that whole "gorgeous" VS crowd ain't got nothin' on that Okie.

They're like, hands-down, the most perfect legs of all time.

Better make it a 10 miler, at least :-)

brown rowergirl said...

If the picture on yours wasn't so grainy, I'd be able to make a better comparison, but I think your bff is right -- NO ONE can compare to Carrie.

Pizza? Walking? Bitch.

tom h said...

OMG Thank You J.....gorgeous legs for sure...I would love to make the climb......

knew you as hannie, too said...

Thank you for making me feel like shit about myself.

At least I don't have to say I'm from Oklahoma...hee hee

west coast devotee said...

Haven't you forgotten the trump card, editrix?

You're the brunette - you win.